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  • Bach returned a Mohawk I saw record some upriver.

  • New vegan, Um, crew made a va ser voc I issue, said Brother.

  • Very good and bomb morning.

  • Everyone assembled here.

  • I am sure Kumari take the privilege off hosting the International Women's Day, and it's my pleasure to welcome you all to this wonderful program I request.

  • All their dignity is to kind of occupy the seams on the dice.

  • It is a mark off unbanked tradition to invoke the Almighty at the beginning, often important, even like the great philosopher once said, the function off prayer is not the influence court, but rather to change the nature off.

  • One who prays.

  • I like to call upon such meter and group to pray for us once on the occasion off Human date.

  • I just say two lines.

  • Things like a queen.

  • A queen is not after two feet feed it.

  • It's just another stepping stone to greatness.

  • I request of a special inviting Mrs History debacle.

  • Toe interest, the gathering.

Bach returned a Mohawk I saw record some upriver.


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錨定婦女節|阿米莎-庫瑪麗 (Anchoring for Women's Day | By Amisha Kumari)

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