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  • I got to say, Roy,

  • this virus has everyone so stressed out.

  • I mean, I'm keeping this can of disinfectant around

  • to spray on everything.

  • What-what else can we do to stay safe?

  • Stop, stop. Stop with that.

  • First of all, Trevor, don't panic.

  • The most important thing to do is wash your hands.

  • Just wash your hands. And don't rush.

  • You got to wash them for at least the length

  • of one verse of a Cardi B song.

  • Yeah, I wash the back, then wash the front

  • Girl, I make healthy moves. ♪

  • Yeah.

  • And another thing. Don't touch your face

  • 'cause you can make yourself sick.

  • And if you are sick, remember to stay...

  • (coughing)

  • ...stay at home.

  • (laughter and applause)

  • (Wood clearing throat)

  • What? Wh-What?

  • Did you just corona-cough in my face?

  • No.

  • Didn't cough in your face.

  • No, I just had some peanuts a minute ago.

  • They stuck in my throat.

  • (laughter)

  • Okay, I'm...

  • 'Cause I'm-I'm watching you, Roy. Don't-don't make me sick.

  • I'm good, man.

  • Come on.

  • As I was saying, it's important not to panic.

  • Check on your elderly neighbors, make sure...

  • (coughs)

  • (laughter)

  • (coughing)

  • (laughter and applause)

  • (clears throat)

  • There's no need for concern.

  • What you need to...

  • (coughing)

  • -Ah, corona! Corona! Corona! -No! It's peanuts!

  • -It's peanuts! -Corona! Get out of here!

I got to say, Roy,


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在CoV爆發期間保持健康的小貼士 (Tips to Staying Healthy During the CoV Outbreak )

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