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  • Wait.

  • Jeannie, Baby, She got Rolley's on Tommy's When she's about she be glad.

  • Now get a move on.

  • Get happy.

  • She gave my special edition of Mary sent me these patterns.

  • Everybody be tough.

  • Easy, guys.

  • Just don't call, Don't know boxing.

  • Like all my bitches running, fire around, call catching.

  • I don't think I'm sweet because it makes your vacation.

  • Millie Jackson.

  • Not bad.

  • Everything Don't know.

  • Family coming, Carmen.

  • Driving like a retard like Casey.

  • Like General Thio piece every day in so much trouble.

  • German shaped like this is General made a hole in one road And I'm a real buzz in mind that I was having trouble heard about Jack Put me in a castle with a bus down.

  • Take it back on, Okay, We don't shine again.

  • She got Rolley's on zombies when she should be that way.

  • Give a happy she get my special edition of Mary sent me these patterns.

  • Right, Everybody be tough, guy.

  • He just got a card on crossing like all my bitches.

  • Fast, Smooth.

  • What about me?

  • That's so Casey trying.

  • Wait, Tony.

  • One draws like weather held Is my brave heart Beat Beat Ray World stops spinning started five Greatest Dad, Don't judge me in with sexy lady like rough D I got a text straight from the plug.

  • He said.

  • It is a trial.

  • It's a fun need not be left.

  • And the only time every eggs when we had asses react slip you about that life.

  • Get out that cast.

  • Take it back.

  • She got Rolley's on zombies When she should be way happened She get my special edition of Mary sent me these past Everybody Be tough, Easy guys just don't like my dish is fast running Fire around called Don't wait.



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利爾寶貝 - 永遠英尺。利爾韋恩 (Lil Baby - Forever ft. Lil Wayne)

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