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  • All right, all right.

  • It's all happening.

  • Has hit number one on the charts.

  • A ticket to acceptance.

  • You got the look though.

  • You convey vote like the new song.

  • I like that we are on the cusp of a revolution.

  • Put your glass slippers away, Trans umbrella.

  • It ain't never gonna happen to trust his mother's intuition.

  • Y'all are whistling past the graveyard way.

  • Have to move your diagnosis.

  • Being HIV positive to having a life is pain.

  • To enjoy it, you have to embrace it.

  • Fight for our rights.

  • We got a fight for each other.

  • I'm scared to die our tow live crazy thing news.

  • Just not my life I'm seeing right now is my kids brand new pose or episode streaming now only on BBC I player.

All right, all right.


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姿勢系列2:預告片 | BBC預告片 (Pose Series 2: Trailer | BBC Trailer)

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