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  • Theo, Welcome back to the channel.

  • Today.

  • I'm going to do a little bit of a selling tutorial because ever since my first haul, you all have been feeding for some drifting videos, something that I've been seeing at places like Urban Outfitters and my personal.

  • Because Brandy Melville are just the simple two tops like it's literally just a tube of fabric and too much fabric like it's that simple.

  • And their charge like 2030 bucks for it.

  • So I bought today.

  • I'm sure you guys a tutorial on how you can make one Super super simply.

  • It takes literally five minutes.

  • I probably shouldn't be making a tutorial on this because it's insanely easy, but you know, I gotta do it for the views.

  • But ever since I told you all have been asking for some some tutorial.

  • So I thought I'd give it a shot.

  • So basically, you can start off with any small scrap of fabric.

  • But a pro tip for you, because I am a pro at this is actually start off with the bottom of a shirt.

  • So this parallelogram of fabric that I have it actually just like the bottom of a large polo that I have.

  • The bottom off here is an image of like the remainder of the shirt I had just turned into a crop top, and this is just extra fabric that I had left over from The bottom is the great thing about this is that you can use the bottom hem of the shirt as the top of the two pump, and it'll look really nice and finished without having to actually like full over stuff.

  • And so they have yourself because I have been something like a year now, and I still find that really, really hard being a couple different options for cutting out the pattern.

  • I would recommend just taking a crop top that you already have, or a T shirt that just fits you well, kind of laying that on the fabric and cutting accordingly.

  • I will say this method is kind of like that scissors name where it's like you have to already have scissors to open the pact of scissors.

  • You really have to have a crop top to make a crop top, so another option is to kind of use yourself as a mannequin.

  • Just take your fabric, parallelogram and hold it over your bust and kind of pin each side until if it's how you want to fit, and then you could cut accordingly.

  • However, since I am a kind of extra, I already have his pattern cut out in order to make your own mother.

  • And all you have to do is measure a top of the bus and then divide that in half and I would subtract like around two inches.

  • This depends on how tightly you want to talk to fit and how stretched your fabric is.

  • But this is again so that it hugs your boobs pretty snuggly.

  • And then you could measure around your waist and do the same thing.

  • And that is the bottom.

  • Measurement of the trap is always so.

  • No matter which method you use, just make sure that you line up.

  • The longer part of your trap is away the top of your two top with what was the bottom of the shirt, which is where you're finished hen is.

  • So I just cut this out according to my pattern, and I left a little bit of extra space for seam allowance.

  • They also realized that cutting with one hand while you're holding the camera with the other hand.

  • It's kind of difficult, so I had to go back and clean up the edges.

  • So congratulations.

  • You have created a slightly smaller fat work parallelogram than when you started out with just gonna turn that inside out.

  • So the right side are facing each other, even though it would have been smarter to do that before you cut your pattern.

  • But I didn't think of that at the time and looked head over to the sewing machine.

  • Said this to clean too, about the grade where you were at peak awkwardness, which for me, is around 8 to 10.

  • And then just so we're straight line down both sides of the top.

  • You can use pins if you want, but this ain't my first rodeo.

  • So I did it freehand to just repeat that process on the other side.

  • And then congratulations.

  • You now have a fabric parallelogram that soda decide.

  • You're like functionally o c d like me.

  • You can trip down the edges of the scenes in order to make before even even though nobody will ever see knows that they're on the inside of your shirt and now you are pretty much done.

  • Because as I warned you, this was a very simple tutorial.

  • There were no plot twist whatsoever.

  • So you just turned it inside out again awkwardly with one hand.

  • And now you have the beautiful finished product.

  • Just look at the craftsmanship in detail on that.

  • And now, for our favorite part of any best episode of awkward modeling time your two ways that I silent.

  • I think it looks really good denim skirt or these vintage Levi's that I just bought in Amsterdam and frankly obsessed with I feel like I finally ascended to, like, the final level of hipster with these genes.

  • You can also have the bottom if you really want.

  • But honestly, I think it looks really good raw.

  • If you use a kind of jersey fabric, it will roll up at the bottom Anyway, have you guys?

  • Hopefully, Although Mr Doyle was really, really simple, you found it useful and you guys could go out here through store and find something similar and make one of these tops.

  • If you do please let me know in the comments down below.

  • Don't forget to give this video of himself can subscribe to my channel for new fashion videos every single day you got next week.

Theo, Welcome back to the channel.


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