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  • So for some of you, you may or may not be aware that later last year I got asked to do my first ever Ted talk, which is pretty fucking cool for any of you that don't know.

  • Ted is like a nonprofit organization that is all about spreading, I guess.

  • Here's a little clip from it.

  • I don't want this to be a subject that I'm going to talk about on for.

  • People in the audience toe have no idea what it's about.

  • I want this to become mainstream.

  • I want this to become general chit chat that people know that people understand.

  • Some of the things that I'm going to talk about today are going to make people's quality of life quite simply better.

  • It's usually flattered to get invited by Ted to do the talk.

  • It was one of them many things in the last year where I was like fuck made it think a lot of people from the outside looking in can often wonder, you know, public speaking.

  • How do you prepare how to get ready for these things?

  • To be perfectly honest, most of what's on the presentation is for me.

  • I think it's always a good idea to only talk about things that I've had in hundreds of conversations before.

  • That's why it feels natural.

  • The prompter there for me, that it looks like a power point.

  • And when it comes, say confidence behind it because, no, no, everyone's gonna have a Ted talk, but they're gonna be presentations of work, awkward conversations, whatever it is.

  • I think it's always good to be mindful off, you know?

  • How does one ready for that?

  • That's what the reasons are.

  • A video together.

  • It never had coaching with how to be a public speaker.

  • It's something like anything that through repetition, improves and always used the analogy of like Olympic lifting.

  • There's no way to really get good at Olympic lifting without going through the ugly lifts.

  • Getting your timing wrong, hitting your chin on the bar, not quite getting it.

  • What are these things with Olympic lifting?

  • We never expect people thio progress in that manner without the hours of work.

  • Probably speaking is very much the same.

  • Go out with something that you've spoken about before.

  • Lot with friends, colleagues, plants have the presentation there to ensure that if you veer off, you can bring yourself back with the click, but this is the most important thing.

  • Every time that I've done speaking, every time I've done a talk, you always feel like you don't belong there.

  • The second that the mic friends form, they run it down the back U T shirt and you kind of think yourself, you're like, I shouldn't be here how I fooled so many people to get into this position.

  • I have this all the time on dhe.

  • You just have to have a word with yourself because everyone feels this way.

  • I don't think anyone doesn't feel that way.

  • Everyone before they go out is like I'm fooling a lots of people.

  • I don't think that's ever gonna go away.

  • I don't think whatever not gonna feel that way.

  • So here's my advice to you, but there's an interview organization asking someone for their number.

  • Whatever it does, whatever it is, pretend that you're very confident.

  • That's it.

  • Very simply, that's why I'm asking you to do just pretend we can pretend to do anything instantaneously.

  • We forget that as a human being, we can do this.

  • We can't control anxiety.

  • Thoughts of West Case scenario we can't control our mood, our temper.

  • If someone annoys us, we're gonna get angry.

  • Someone upsets us, we're gonna cry.

  • But we can do in the instance, very few seconds is pretend that we're good at something.

  • I've been doing it for years.

  • I have that notion of being an impostor of the notion that someone is gonna come out with a clipboard halfway through my talk.

  • James Smith.

  • Yep, that's me.

  • You shouldn't be here.

  • Thank God I've been waiting for you a long time.

  • Just pretend we're there's an interview.

  • Sit there.

  • Sit.

  • Call me.

  • Take deep breaths.

  • Let's pretend you've done hundreds of them when you go for dating.

  • Also someone's number they composed.

  • Just pretend you're good at asking someone's number.

  • How long is this gonna lost an interview?

  • Maybe 20 minutes an hour, A talk, maybe 10 minutes.

  • Asking someone's number could be one minute if you like.

  • It's not a long period to pretend.

  • And that's my God's honest advice for public speaking.

  • All you have to do is convince the amount of people that I've attended there.

  • Any meeting that read your interview.

  • And if you fold them long enough, that persona being able to publicly speak becomes a part of your identity.

  • If you fake it for long enough, you'll eventually become good at what you were faking.

  • So that's it.

  • Confessions of a Ted talk er, make sure you subscribe.

  • Could this, in it long winded, combines different 12 instrument.

  • The only question's popping below trying.

  • Get them answered, Joe.

So for some of you, you may or may not be aware that later last year I got asked to do my first ever Ted talk, which is pretty fucking cool for any of you that don't know.


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