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  • What what's said about Delhi?

  • Ellie after that defeat at Anfield earlier this season?

  • Ticket by you.

  • Great.

  • You said he was, Ah, shadow himself.

  • You said he got in his armchair.

  • Would you accept that?

  • That was in Julie Harsh?

  • No, I think if you look at you like a second year, here you go, 18 goals Now that's his best year.

  • Then he scored five and seven.

  • I think so.

  • Other an injury?

  • Why you not getting someone near the 18 every year?

  • I think it has the potential.

  • 23 still has the potential to be an absolute star.

  • I think he's got the qualities that very few people have.

  • He's got fantastic engine which would enable him to, you know, box the box player help.

  • But when you don't have the ball but be a real threat going forward and it's very hard coming from an old midfield player to pick up someone that came with Constant wants to get into the box.

  • He's always drag the areas you don't want to go into.

  • Andi got real genuine ability and I think if the guy was sitting there I would say the exact same time.

  • I think it's somewhere along the line you lost your focus on, hopefully is yours.

  • They can get that back from 23.

  • You know, it's still a baby, and I'll say it again.

  • Very few people are the qualities that he's been blessed with.

  • Make the Muslim son don't allow your eye to be taken off the ball because you don't get it all.

  • See it?

  • Your career is too short.

  • It goes in a flash, doesn't give, you know I still got a bed and dreams some.

  • Next I'm still playing and getting away from all over the place.

  • It's just too short and make the most of what you've got is what attempt to be a professional football on our country.

  • But he has that injury problems this year.

  • Statistics would tell us that he that maybe his position has changed under under shows and radio.

  • Perhaps he's playing further forward because he's contributed five goals and three assists twice as many shots for 90 minutes as he Waas under part Latino earlier in this season on the touches in the opposition box have troubled from Pacino to Marino.

  • Does that suggest he is playing in a more advanced position, which suits him better.

  • I personally think so, but I think it's also about some of the difficulty that that he's gone through and listening to him there, I think, accepts a criticism.

  • It's it's how you react to that grand right was he came to decide a very, very young age.

  • I think that what he's gone through, I think it's natural for a lot of individuals, and it's about how you come through that.

  • I personally do fear we special position is as a 10 or an eight on advanced midfield play that allows into kittens and impositions, because the part of his game that he's showing now and where I taught them a grateful for him at the moment is his ability to score goals and to get into it, and particularly without Hurricane.

  • At the moment, you agree with what's being said when you say his roles change of Georgia, Marino is rules, just come back to what it always WAAS.

  • People always say deli Alison would feel that he hasn't played, but then why wasn't he scoring and contributed?

  • It fits before he was playing slightly deeper, pocketed all this scene.

  • There's no doubt attachment back to a midfield three.

  • But when Dahlia Dahlia is at his best, he was just off Harry Kane and troublesome being agreed, playing.

  • There's great stunts.

  • I don't think Delhi and it's a great midfield player.

  • I think is great stunts.

  • I get in the box on getting goals, and he's aggressive.

  • He puts himself about Andi what when we start to talk about, I'm almost your German on goals and some way.

  • So we say like you got 18 months season and the next thing they got five.

  • Okay, it's a big difference in in that book.

  • I'm not sure we're actually general asshole performance.

  • I think for me, Delhi Ali is someone who got goals.

  • If you go back to England and torments, not sure this is quite an Eagle Scout.

  • The moment go back a few years, the torments tell you, maybe playing for England.

  • I'm calling from a total.

  • Say England lack creativity and they'd feel the need to find this play this silky player on the ball.

  • So I've never felt Deli Ali is that it's got going.

  • Bravery is great mentality is actual finishing as well.

  • How many times you get in the box and finishes well.

  • But we all talk about him.

  • He's got more goals than Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, 21 or all these different things.

  • The payment field he wasn't playing.

  • Midfield is best position.

  • That's what Josie did in his fierce game away at West.

  • I'm putting straight up the race bombs alongside.

  • Holly came.

  • That's Hurricanes.

  • Best position on that's really will be, and that's really will get gold.

  • And that's why his record is is better than the jobs like this season.

  • The Pocket e no was being put back to the best position, which is a second strike.

  • You like this step Jamie talking about her.

  • Frank Lombardi could get 50 Premier League old today and be doing it 133 appearances earlier than Frank Lampard.

What what's said about Delhi?


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