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  • close contact these old left wrist.

  • Definitely expect to be ready to play.

  • I don't know when, but at some point in early spring, it's just a a matter of the rehab process.

  • Um, I've never obviously breaking broken anything and dealt with a hand injury like this.

  • And so, you know, as you go through all examinations and all that type of stuff and when surgery was required for this to even have a chance to heal properly, that's a tough, tough blow.

  • Um, but understanding there's a time frame weaken kind of measure the rehab process and then figure out what the rest of your looks like.

  • Uh, you know, I'm excited about the potential that the rest of season isn't isn't lost.

  • I know far he's on the G.

  • I have in tow.

  • Bloody bottom is on me, Honey.

  • I remember 19 called cause I'm calling.

  • I was late getting Rex in our money.

  • Our broken on Kristina I know my body got me straight up by the time a be true If I got a part on lean on my lips I run their wrestle with my queen I will not even get back.

  • I had to go through the struggle.

  • I didn't forget.

  • I had decided that maybe he didn't know me now because I got the big money.

  • You heard that young thing on a wannabe die to serve, Craig Uncle fronted me some peace Had they get embarrassed, Bank, we came upon dirty money.

  • I gave it a very bad brain and you run a gang.

  • I just got a New Orleans between Minneapolis and Bloody Booth.

  • Honey ranks.

  • I remember 19 called cause I'm calling our guinea raising money.

  • I was broke waking up getting money.

  • Whoa!

  • Got a bad BJ credit ball.

  • Whoa!

  • Venture to my toes to 20 fucking both.

  • I put in a peat wanted like a boat.

  • I was damaged on my date.

  • What was your nickels?

  • And I know you turned your back on me just to get some Rex.

  • I see you swear it back because I'm in the black diamonds on me Fucker flashes.

  • I snapped because I think don't let him in a baby Mama didn't even take.

  • Don't don't like I didn't see Rose right?

  • Some brothers when I'm in a range, Just mind my business.

  • I got time.

  • I already rather just talk about it.

close contact these old left wrist.


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