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  • In this American English pronunciation video, were going to go over words that end in the [ns] sounds.

  • This video is advanced, for people who are into the subtleties of American English pronunciation.

  • If youre new to my channel or to studying pronunciation, don’t even watch this video.

  • Check out this playlist instead.

  • Every once in a while, someone will ask me about words that end in the [ns] sounds.

  • Remember, I’m not talking about words that end with the LETTERS NS,

  • most of those are pronounced [nz] words likerunsoropens’.

  • I’m talking about words with the sounds NS likeonceandsinceanddance’.

  • I realized we pronounce these differently when I made a mistake.

  • I was writing the word forfencein IPA and I wrote this.

  • When I looked it up to double check, I was surprised to find there wasn’t a T.

  • As I researched more words with [ns] and discussed them with Tom, we both agreed.

  • Americans don’t really pronounce these words [ns], but [nts].

  • To make an N and an S with no T in between,

  • you have to sort of hold out the N. And we don’t do that.

  • So it sounds like there is a TS cluster rather than a plain S at the end.

  • Basically, it just makes the word a little shorter.

  • Fens [ns] Fents [nts]

  • I have to really try hard to make an N followed by S with no T!

  • If you can’t hear the difference between my two pronunciations, don’t worry.

  • This is definitely an advanced topic.

  • Dance [ns], dance [nts]

  • Once [ns], once [nts]

  • What are some common words with [ns] that you can pronounce [nts]?

  • Rinse

  • Since

  • Tense

  • Sense

  • Chance

  • Science

  • Difference

  • Influence

  • dih-FENCE

  • DEE-fence

  • Audience

  • This does not apply to compound words where there is a syllable break between the sounds,

  • likeinside’, orinstead’ – there you can go ahead and make a longer N sound.

  • For those of you who have been wondering about words likefence’, ‘dance’, ‘once’, andsince’,

  • I hope this clears up the confusion. You thought you were hearing a T and you were.

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  • That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s English.

In this American English pronunciation video, were going to go over words that end in the [ns] sounds.


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[高級]NS結尾-美式英語的發音 ([Advanced] NS Endings – American English Pronunciation)

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