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  • This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Challenge!

  • Learn 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days!

  • Jumpstart your vocabulary in 2017.

  • Today is Day 14 and we're studying phrasal verbs withpsych”.

  • Get psyched up because were about to learn an awesome phrasal verb.

  • To get psyched up is to get mentally prepared.

  • I’m studying a lot,

  • I’m feeling positive,

  • I’m trying to get psyched up for my final exam.

  • He psyches himself up before races

  • by listening to heavy metal.

  • My coach does a good job of psyching me up before games.

  • If you psych somebody out,

  • then you make them feel less confident:

  • The other team tried to psych us out with their expensive uniforms.

  • I got psyched out when I couldn’t find my lucky penny

  • Even though up

  • and out aren’t really opposites,

  • psych up

  • and psych out

  • are opposites.

  • This word looks crazy,

  • but youve probably noticed in this video

  • that the pronunciation isn’t too complicated.

  • The P is silent.

  • So we start with the S sound,

  • Sss---

  • Teeth are together,

  • tongue tip just behind the teeth.

  • Psy

  • Then we have the AI as in BUY diphthong.

  • Jaw drop,

  • Psy--

  • back of the tongue lifts at the beginning of the diphthong,

  • psy--, aa, aa, aiiii

  • and the front of the tongue arches up towards the front of the roof of the mouth,

  • psy

  • The letters CH make the K sound here.

  • Kk--

  • Back of the tongue touches the soft palate and releases.

  • Kk--

  • Psych.

  • Psych up,

  • Psych out.

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This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Challenge!


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