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  • Tony: Hi! It’s Tony Robbins again. Welcome to the another edition of The New Money Masters.

  • This edition I think youre going to find very interesting, it’s going to be a little

  • different. I thought for this session it might be interesting to do a case study on someone

  • who started with absolutely nothing, who wasn't a brand, who learned from some of the same

  • people that I just described to you, studied Frank for example and Eben and who was able

  • to find a niche for herself, actually a couple of niches, and really maximized it and build

  • herself a brand from scratch, build an extraordinary lifestyle and really had a damn good time

  • doing it and still be able to balance so many tough areas of her life. How do you be a great

  • business woman and still feel feminine and still feel excited about your life and make

  • a difference in the world with other people. So I brought for you today Marie Forleo and

  • she’s an extraordinary woman, she’s jersey girl. She built it from scratch and I’m

  • really grateful to have you here.

  • Marie: Thank you so much! I’m so honored.

  • Tony: I understand, you know it’s interesting we have a lot of common friends.

  • Marie: Yes.

  • Tony: With Eben and with Frankand so forth and I understand you went to Unleash the Power

  • Within many years ago.

  • Marie: I did and it was like of course when I got this call I was so excited because you

  • were really my gateway drug to the world of personal development.

  • Tony: I don’t think I’ve ever had that term before, gateway drug.

  • Marie: It was a really good experience but I remember in the beginning when I was trying

  • to find my way and knowing that I have potential inside me but not understanding how to get

  • that potential out and make it into results. You were one of the people that I went to

  • and I was listening to you at the gym and the treadmill and I have these dreams of dancing

  • and these dreams of coaching and these dreams of helping people but I didn't know how to

  • make that a reality and you were one of the people that really got me started.

  • Tony: Well, I’m really pleased to hear that and thrilled to hear that. Well tell me, youve

  • developed an incredible success. Youve got what, an international best selling book

  • now in what, 6 languages?

  • Marie: Yes.

  • Tony: And your title is?

  • Marie: It’s a Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from

  • Dating Yourself!

  • Tony: That last line kills me! Haha. Okay. And your primary market is for women. Youve

  • done four best selling DVDs on dance and exercise and fitness. You kind of branched out in both

  • dating and fitness in those areas. Youve got a coaching business. I understand you

  • worked with Fox News online as a coaching consultant for them as well. So youve done

  • incredibly well but you did not start out knowing this is where you really wanted to

  • be. You started out as I understand really interested in business and finance is that

  • right?

  • Marie: Yeah, I did. I went to school for finance and my first job out of college was on Wall

  • Street on the New York Stock Exchange and I remember I loved it because I have a ton

  • of energy and there’s no seats on the New York Stock Exchange so you run around like

  • a mania screaming all day so that part I absolutely loved but something inside me kept saying

  • that this is not what I’m supposed to be doing in the world. And it was really disturbing

  • because you know my parents have invested money, I invested my own money getting my

  • education and then discovering like wow this is not where I am supposed to be but I don’t

  • know what I want. And that was the scary part.

  • Tony: Now so many people are in that place. Theyre doing something they don’t love,

  • some people out of necessity, you know the current economy. Other people, they picked

  • an area they thought they were gonna love or an area that everybody encouraged them

  • to go to. And a lot of people when they get there they know theyre unhappy but they

  • don’t know how to change. How did you make the shift? How long were you involved? 9 or

  • 10 months if I remember right?

  • Marie: Yes, 9-10 months. And it was such, I had a strong sense of intuition that this

  • little voice inside me kept on saying that this is not where I am supposed to be and

  • it grew louder and louder and louder until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. It felt like

  • I had to make a change or something in me was going to die and I literally, I called

  • my parents and I said I know youre gonna think I’m crazy but I need to go find what

  • I’m meant to do in the world and I was just 22 at that time and I’m said I’m just

  • gonna to go on some Odysseyscause I feel like I’m really strong in business but I’m

  • also really creative and i don’t feel like I get that satisfaction from being on the

  • floor of New York stock exchange. So I did a little dabbling in publishing. I was at

  • Gourmet magazine in the ad sales department and spent some time there and I love the people

  • I worked with but I didn’t want to be my boss. I didn’t want to be a publisher of

  • a magazine and very quickly, thankfully I figured out it was like wow If I don't want

  • to be my boss, if I don’t want to be the head of this magazine, this isn’t where

  • I should be. So I said, well maybe it’s not the ad sales maybe it’s like fashion,

  • the more creative side. So I popped over to Mademoiselle magazine and you know for any

  • young woman that’s like a very cushy job. You play with clothes all day, you go on this

  • fashion appointments, it was very luxurious and it was fun but I have had that feeling

  • again like I don’t want to be the editor-in-chief and then I started to feel like I was broken.

  • I said, I know I’m smart. I graduated valedictorian of my class so I knew I was a smart girl,

  • it was like time was starting to go by but I didn’t feel satisfied and I certainly

  • wasn’t making great money.

  • Tony: And youve now been on three Odysseys, none of which really fulfilled you.

  • Marie: Exactly. And that’s when I stumbled upon this article about life coaching and

  • it was so funny because I found it on the Internet and you ever read something and you

  • just go, Oh my God there’s something in there. Like something in me lit up and I realized

  • that that was a piece of my real path.

Tony: Hi! It’s Tony Robbins again. Welcome to the another edition of The New Money Masters.


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