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  • Welcome the TPM vids disney beat spotlight series where we take a look at

  • a specific disney related ride event or performance. If you're new to the channel

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  • On May 31st 2019 Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opened at the Disneyland Park in

  • California. This new 14 acre land places you on the planet of Batuu and it's

  • truly an immersive experience that transports you to a galaxy far far away.

  • One of the highlights is getting to pilot the Millennium Falcon and you can

  • do this on the new attraction Smugglers Run. Once you find yourself in the

  • Millennium Falcon cockpit the attraction is an intimate experience that's

  • different every time. With interactive elements assigned to each of the three

  • positions, the pilot, gunner and engineer, you and your team work together to fly

  • the ship and help Hondo transport the merchandise across the galaxy. The more

  • successful the team is with flying the Falcon the longer your experience can be.

  • The entire attraction including the queue and pre-show are highly detailed

  • we'll be showcasing that entire experience in another video coming soon,

  • but for now enjoy this full-on ride POV of smugglers run from the right engineer

  • all available text we have a brilliant freighter that needs immediate transport

  • back to the maintenance Bank as things being better days better fix off that

  • before the wookie sees it

  • so what are your opinions on smugglers run I'd love to know leave a comment

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Welcome the TPM vids disney beat spotlight series where we take a look at


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星球大戰千年獵鷹走私者的運行FULL ON RIDE POV銀河邊緣 (Star Wars Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run FULL ON RIDE POV Galaxy's Edge)

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