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  • [jet engines roaring] [♪♪]

  • [female narrator] The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has had the most successful

  • new aircraft launch in commercial aviation history--and for good reason.

  • It's a super-efficient airplane that applies the most advanced technologies in aerospace.

  • [♪♪]

  • [male speaker] Innovation happens at different levels.

  • It can be individual parts on the airplane,

  • [Tom Cogan - Director, Airplane Product Development]

  • and it can be the whole airplane itself, the 787 being a good example.

  • [narrator] Over the decades, Boeing has built thousands of jetliners.

  • But for the new 787, the company literally reinvented its manufacturing process,

  • especially in the use of composites.

  • Composites are high-strength fibers embedded in resin.

  • A piece of composite is so strong, in fact, that a half an inch square

  • could bear the weight of about 15 cars without breaking.

  • [Cogan] We've been building with graphite composites for over 30 years.

  • It's lightweight, it's strong, has great fatigue characteristics, it doesn't corrode.

  • From an airframe standpoint,

  • we knew that it would be a good material system to build with.

  • [narrator] Virtually all new jetliners use composites to some degree.

  • With the 787, Boeing has taken their use to a whole new level.

  • Half of the aircraft is made of composites.

  • [Cogan] The difficult thing with composites was the fact that when you build out of composites

  • there's a lot of hand labor involved, and that can be very expensive.

  • [narrator] When making the fuselage, new specially-developed taping machines

  • are used to apply carbon fiber in complex, geometric patterns

  • to an enormous, spinning cylindrical barrel.

  • What ultimately gives the fuselage great strength

  • is that the tape is put down in many directions at once.

  • [Cogan] The tricky part was being able to lay the composite fiber down on compound curves.

  • [narrator] As the barrel spins, the taping machine applies layer after layer

  • of carbon fiber tape, and a section of the 787's advanced fuselage takes shape.

  • Once completed, the whole section is put into a giant oven and heated under pressure.

  • When it comes out, it's very hard, strong, and durable,

  • and it's 20% to 30% lighter than aluminum.

  • [Cogan] We really took a lot of new technologies in the areas of materials,

  • airplane systems, aerodynamics, and we brought them all together

  • and we really pushed the envelope very hard.

  • And that's why it's a game-changing airplane.

  • That's why it's able to have fuel efficiency that's up to 20% better

  • than the airplanes that it's replacing.

  • [♪♪]

  • [Boeing - Copyright © 2012 Boeing. All rights reserved.]

[jet engines roaring] [♪♪]


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波音787。改變遊戲規則的創新 (Boeing 787: Game-changing innovation)

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