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  • Today I'm answering your questions about the P sound sounding like a B.

  • Every once in a while, I get a question about the P sound sounding like a B.

  • For example, people have asked about the words: spoon, rapport, and pepper.

  • And I know that some teachers teach that these Ps should be a B.

  • I disagree with that.

  • Let's talk about why.

  • The thing is, it's not about this sound being a P or B.

  • It's about the sound being very light.

  • If you make the P light, it sounds great.

  • If you make the B light, it sounds almost the same.

  • Also good.

  • But if you make the B sound heavy: sboon-- it doesn't sound so good anymore.

  • Sboon.

  • So it's not about changing the P to a B.

  • It's about knowing how to make a light P.

  • If someone makes the P sound by itself, it sounds like this.

  • Pphh--- phh--- phh---

  • It's over exaggerated. In a word, that's not how we actually do it.

  • So if people think that 'Pphh--' is the P sound, thenspoonwould be: spoon.

  • And that's not how we pronounce that word.

  • It's not: spoonspoon

  • It's also not: sboonsboon

  • The right sound is: spoonspoon— a light P that releases directly into the vowel.

  • So how do we get this light P?

  • We need to change the idea. P is not pphh---

  • P is p- p- p- p- much lighter a much smaller release.

  • Spoon. Poonpoonspoonspoon

  • We go right from the release into the vowel without pphh-- hh-- hh-- all of this extra air.

  • Spoonspoon

  • pepepperpepper

  • A light feeling in the P, not too much air: pphh--

  • Right now, try this out loud with me:

  • sp-- sp-- spoonspoon

  • Let's do some more words.

  • Peperpepperpepper

  • Are you practicing out loud? Please do.

  • Pepperpepper

  • Awww. My dog growing up was named Pepper.

  • This is a picture of me and Pepper.

  • P- p- Portport

  • reportreport

  • Pamspspam

  • Spam

  • Sp-- spam

  • Span-- sp--

  • speed

  • speed

  • pen

  • spin

  • spin

  • pace

  • space

  • space

  • Sp-- pell

  • spell

  • spell

  • So don't try to change the P sound to a B.

  • Just make sure you're making it a light sound and you'll sound great.

  • If you're not sure about the sounds of American English,

  • check out this playlist here.

  • I've made a video for each sound.

Today I'm answering your questions about the P sound sounding like a B.


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PEPPER等詞中P的發音與B相同 (P Sounding like B in Words like PEPPER)

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