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  • Hi, my name's Tom from the UK.

  • And I'm Jess, I'm also from the UK.

  • We're both English teachers

  • but is this your dream job Jess?

  • It's not my dream job, no.

  • My dream job would be as a backing singer I think.

  • I really love music

  • and I'd love to go on tour with a really, really, good singer

  • like Tina Turner or somebody

  • but not have all pressure of being the main singer

  • just like making it sound more beautiful from the background.

  • How about you?

  • I'm like you

  • I also think I've got a more creative streak that needs to break out.

  • But for me it would be in probably writing.

  • But I've got no idea how to begin. Any advice?

  • Sorry, can't help you there.

  • Thanks for watching!

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Intermediate English listening


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夢想的工作 (Dream jobs)

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