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  • Jennifer, you've got a hairless one?

  • A sphinx. I think we've got a picture of you and there it is.

  • That's Macavity, the hairless one, and that's Grizabella

  • on the other side.

  • Now, very, very cute.

  • That's hard to love.

  • No!

  • He's so affectionate and loving. That's why he's there.

  • He has to be. Don't be aloof if you look like that!

  • He's so cute.

  • He's so ugly he's cute.

  • Did you get them because of the movie? Well, yes.

  • I told Tom Hooper when I was on the set, I said, I'm going to

  • get a cat, name it Macavity, and then I'm going to get another cat

  • and name it Grizabella, and then so that's Macavity and Grizabella.

  • OK. Now, Matthew McConaughey, I would say dog person.

  • Have both. Oh, you've both? I have many dogs and cats.

  • OK. Yes. Like, just roaming around?

  • Or kind of...? Roaming around.

  • Do they know you're their owner?

  • They do. They do. That's good.

  • Sometimes it's good... I like both.

  • Sometimes it's nice because cats are so independent. Right.

  • You don't have to do things with them

  • and they come up and they're affectionate and just kind of easy.

  • They like their own time. I like my own time.

  • The dogs, you know, need more affection, need more time.

  • Yeah. Hugh Grant, you like cats.

  • Up to a point.

  • On the whole, I adore them.

  • But I don't like it when they suddenly jump on you,

  • yawn cat meat in your face, then turn around and show you their

  • arsehole. Because they love you!

  • I find that objectionable.

  • That's love.

  • We did have a cat growing up.

  • It was a very strange situation because it came to possess my mother

  • like an evil spirit.

  • It started with...

  • My mum used to do funny voices for all animals.

  • If we passed a sheep, she had a voice for a sheep and a pig, etc.

  • And then the cat arrived and she started doing this cat voice,

  • but it really took her over, and it was a horrible, horrible person.

  • My mother was a lovely woman, churchgoing, Christian,

  • philanthropist, rather proper, and the cat would say,

  • "Fucking feed me, you bitch."


  • Sometimes we'd say, "Mum! You said that!"

  • She'd say, "No, darling, I promise I have no control over the cat."

  • APPLAUSE Weird situation.

Jennifer, you've got a hairless one?


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貓人還是狗人?馬修-麥康納對休-格蘭特 - 格雷厄姆-諾頓秀 - BBC (Cat or Dog person? Matthew McConaughey v Hugh Grant | The Graham Norton Show - BBC)

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