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  • The race to become the Democratic nominee

  • to take on Donald Trump at next year's US presidential election

  • rumbles on with a field of candidates gradually being

  • winnowed down.

  • I was recently going over some campaign finance data,

  • and one thing in particular jumped out at me.

  • Among the most generous donors to the campaign of the leftwing

  • firebrand Bernie Sanders were employees

  • of Google, who have so far donated around $135,000

  • to the Vermont senator.

  • But even more surprisingly, Google employees

  • make up the single biggest group of donors

  • for Elizabeth Warren, the senator who says she actually

  • wants to break up their employer and other large tech companies.

  • So why are people who work for some of the world's largest

  • tech companies actively supporting candidates who say

  • they want to dismantle them?

  • Well, in recent media interviews some Google MPs

  • have said they think it would help their company

  • to be a bit smaller.

  • It could make it more nimble, more efficient,

  • more innovative.

  • But something larger is also going on here.

  • There is a growing rift between people

  • who work in Silicon Valley and the bosses they work for.

  • Nowhere was this more apparent than last year

  • when tens of thousands of Google employees

  • helped push the company to reverse its decision

  • to work with the US military on its artificial intelligence

  • capabilities.

  • The Google employees said they didn't

  • want the company becoming involved in what they

  • called the business of war.

  • Well, to push the company to reverse one project

  • is one thing.

  • But if they successfully help bring about its actual breakup,

  • that would be one of the most astonishing displays of worker

  • power I can think of.

The race to become the Democratic nominee


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為什麼科技大佬員工都在為伊麗莎白-沃倫捐款?| 科技洗禮 (Why are big tech employees donating to Elizabeth Warren? | Tech Wash)

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