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  • Hey, it's me and...Marzia!

    菲利克斯:嗨,這是我和ddd Marzia:Marziaaaaa!

  • She's back everyone, how does it feel? I dunno weird. ha ha hu

    菲利克斯:她回來了! (好極了!) 菲利克斯:感覺怎麼樣?

  • Its been a long time, Its been a long time, hisashiburi desu

    Marzia:我不知道......(Felix尷尬笑) 這感覺很奇怪。

  • I thought why don't we answer some questions? Cause

    Marzia:已經很久了(哦,它已經) 菲利克斯:已經很久了......

  • all the time People are like Oh, what is happening with Marzia?

    菲利克斯:(好久不見日語) 菲利克斯:我想我們為什麼不回答一些問題。

  • Is she hiding in your basement. Is she having a pug factory?


  • What is she doing?


  • how is Marzia doing and what is Marzia doing?


  • (Laughs) Pug factory. Well, first of all your in, your clay studio.

    她在做什麼? (她在做什麼??)

  • Yeah, I was working and then you were just like..


  • "We're filming now!" Yes! first question

    Marzia:帕格工廠! (≧◡≦) 菲利克斯:首先我們在你的身邊

  • How often does Marzia get recognized?


  • By now we don't really

    瑪齊亞:是的! 我在工作

  • Leave the house. We don't leave the house. --We don't leave the house!

    然後你就像,我們正在拍攝 現在。 (OO)

  • Now when it's really like in busy days or busy times.


  • But if we do go out when it's like a weekend, for example, I think maybe a few times a day?


  • But not as much you. Usually when someone recognizes me or us, they'll come to me first and then they're like (squeeky Voice) Marzia you come too in the selfie. It happens the opposite too


  • At the Blue Lagoon, yeah, the person came to me. She was like 'Marzia!' and then they were like 'Oh Felix.'

    離開這房子。 菲利克斯:我們不離開這所房子。

  • They seemed to make an effort even to be like 'Oh Marzia, I love Marzia so much Marzia is the the best YouTuber!'


  • Keep doing that. I wish-- Hahahhaha


  • Favorite spread to put on bread?


  • Nutella

    一天幾次。 但沒有你那麼多。

  • I knew that. what is mine? Nothing!


  • --Butter!


  • --Cause bread is for p-meow!


  • And (chef kurig gda) you put on the (connect the bra) and thats all you need baby. (yelles something irrelevant.)



    !馬爾斯 菲利克斯:哦,是的,她做到了!

  • Felix, Isn't our child beautif...

    Marzia:然後他們就像是,“哦,Felix。” 菲利克斯:他們似乎做了一個

  • Wait you should do your voice. Felix isn't our child beautiful? (Same thing)To the ranch!! To the ranch with the child.


  • They got your expression, right. That's 99% of the time you looking at me like that.

    Marzia是最棒的YouTuber!“ 瑪齊亞:呃!

  • Have you both learned Japanese yet? (Says something in Japanese) No, I just been listening to like err err

    繼續這樣做! ;) 菲利克斯:我希望

  • A a pod- it's like a audio or something.


  • But yeah, we will learn we will get on it. How are Edgar Maya? I miss seeing them in videos. Aww. They're great! they are great

    Marzia:Nutella。 菲利克斯:我知道。我的是什麼?沒有!

  • Maya's sitting right there.

    Marzia:黃油 - 菲利克斯:麵包是為貓和(瑞典的東西)

  • I'm not grabbing Edgar though cus I don't know where he (gasps) He's behind us! He's passed out.

    你穿上了(瑞典語),這就是你需要的寶貝! (瑞典語中的尖叫聲)

  • Aww Maya.


  • Hey guys whats up? It's been a long time no one cares that I left the channel too.

    菲利克斯:菲利克斯,不是我們的孩子美化 - 等等,

  • *actual pterodactyl noise*


  • here's a good one. Does Marzia have legs..too?


  • Too?


  • -Too as in as well. Yeah but you don‘t have them.

    和孩子一起去牧場。 瑪齊亞:他們得到了你的表達

  • -shock and disbelief -


  • Moving on-hey, theres Edgar! Arrrr! Hey guys wassup?

    像那樣看著我。 (哦Marzia) 菲利克斯:你們倆

  • After proposing to Marzia in Japan, are you guys planning on getting married there or in any other countries you were born?

    學會日語了嗎? Nihongo desu ka。 馬齊亞:沒有

  • We thought about Japan. We thought about everywhere on the planet basically hehe.

    菲利克斯:不,我一直在聽,呃 - 啊

  • Really like the idea of eloping and going to Japan. But the more I looked into it. It's hard. The more complicated it seems


  • We didn't know what we were getting into

    但是,我們 - 我們將學習。我們會繼續下去。

  • It's like oh you can go here and we're like well what happens over there?


  • But we have decided and it's a secret. Do they know? No, it's a secret

    菲利克斯:Awwww。 瑪齊亞:他們太棒了!菲利克斯:他們很棒。瑪雅坐著

  • Mm-hm. But everything is set. *Pewds being bad boy not telling us*

    在那裡。我不是抓住埃德加,因為我不知道他去了哪裡。 * GASP *他是

  • Maybe in Argentina. Japan trip when, when Marzia?


  • Soon, Marzia very soon. Are you jealous?


  • Will you please Marzia's camera to film these instead of yours. We are! You're welcome internet what's wrong with my camera?


  • Thats why I had to set it up. Look at this quality terrible quality. hahaha


  • I think its cuz you don't care.

    Marzia:Aww .... 菲利克斯:哦,這是一個很好的。

  • Ah. (oof) I mean your quality is good


  • No, I'm not gonna sit here. You need to produce my video yeah, will you invite any other YouTubers to the wedding?


  • A few but we're keeping the guest list very very small. So if you're a YouTuber and your not invited. That means we hate you


  • hmm totally.


  • Hi, this is from swebliss clearly a fan of Sweden


  • Why did you move from Sweden and have you ever thought about moving back here? Why did we move Marzia?

    菲利克斯:嘿,埃德加。 RRRRUHHH(挑選埃德加)

  • We wanted a place where we could both speak and be independent.

    菲利克斯:(在埃德加的聲音中)嘿伙計們,這是怎麼回事。 Marzia:在向Marzia求婚之後

  • because in Italy you'd have to lean on me in Sweden I'd have to lean on you.


  • Yeah, so Uk seemed like a pretty in between kinda place a middle ground, basically

    或者在你出生的任何一個國家? 我們想到了日本。

  • But we really cherished the time we had in Sweden because that's where we got

    菲利克斯:我們基本上考慮過地球上的每個地方。 (Marzia giggles)

  • Maya and yeah, that's it was a humble beginnings in Sweden. I loved it. er


  • I think about going back to Sweden. Yeah, but I think if that happened it would be in the future. How's Dogy?


  • How is Dogy? He's great. He's doing great. I dont want to wake him up but

    菲利克斯:這很難。 Marzia:看起來更複雜。

  • He sleeps during the day hehehahe


  • doggies alive


  • unlike Slippy.

    瑪齊亞:嗯 菲利克斯:但我們已經決定了,這是一個秘密。

  • Doggy's very cute. He just sleeps all the time! I Well I play with him. Next car maybe??

    他們知道嗎? 瑪齊亞:不,我沒有 - 菲利克斯:這是個秘密

  • (ooh) You don't like that design. You don't like this design. Uh, it's cool. Maybe not on a car


  • When will your wife host meme review? Well first we have to get married. That is the requirement.


  • I have to be married to everyone that hosts meme review. No no no it says WIFE. Ohh. Thought you knew about

    菲利克斯:也許在阿根廷。 日本旅行的時候?

  • Shapiro. What was your dream job as a kid? this is for you though. No I think its for both.

    當瑪西婭? 瑪齊亞:很快!很快!

  • I wanted to open a boutique and it was mostly for fashion but boutique still stands.


  • Boutique still stands, maybe a Maì shop in the future? Perhaps.


  • This video was sponsored by Maì shop. I wanted to make video games. Oh, yeah, but I had no idea what that meant


  • I was like, yeah sure and then I realized ehh


  • Youtuber


  • Why isn't the camera focused on me?

    Marzia:這就是我必須設置它的原因。 (傻笑)菲利克斯:看看這種質量,可怕的質量。

  • Because I'm the more important one.


  • haha


  • How do you feel Marzia, after quitting YouTube? I feel... good

    瑪齊亞:好的,好的。 菲利克斯:你需要製作我的視頻。

  • The first two months when I first quit, I really missed it a lot. Mm-hmm


  • You missed what? making videos, editing but also sharing things.


  • I feel like I still share them but I miss being able to have a platform what I could speak about anything


  • I want it in the same way

    瑪齊亞:完全。 菲利克斯:現在這是來自Swebliss。

  • But at the same time it has given me what I wanted, which is the time to focus on something else

    顯然是瑞典的粉絲。 Marzia:你為什麼要離開瑞典和

  • So it's good to have that. Feels good, man


  • Can you speak Italian Felix? No, Italian is too hard for me because I am a pug. Bork. Marzia is a better youtuber


  • Oh yeah thats....very good Italian. *Sarcasm Intensifies*


  • Are you pizza? 'Un' pizza yes . Yeah see hehehahe. Its 'una' pizza, but yes I am.


  • Sei bellissima, Marzia (You are beautiful, Marzia)


  • Thank you.


  • Che bella! (Beautiful!) Ma dai! (Come on!)


  • Okay, this is one is for me but you should read it for me.

    菲利克斯:因為那是我們得到瑪雅和呃的地方, 瑪齊亞:我愛瑞典是的。

  • Bang marry kill Brad 1,Brad 2 -and Marzia. Alright, this is easy, kill Marzia

    費利克斯:在瑞典這是一個不起眼的開端。 瑪齊亞:我喜歡它。

  • Bang Brad 1 Marry Brad 2. What are some of your favorite games to play together off camera? Well, we don't play any games on camera.

    我想回到瑞典, 菲利克斯:是的。

  • So.. All of them


  • We play(ed) Yoshy together on camera.Oh Yeah well but not anymore.

    菲利克斯:狗狗怎麼樣?多吉怎麼樣? 瑪齊亞:他太棒了!我不想叫醒他。

  • We play pokemon cards, Magic. Then some video games we play.... We usually play switch games


  • Overcooked is good, Smash Bros. Smash Bros is good. Ah don't know the name everybody thinks its my favorite game.


  • Drum and fun, drum and fun. Yeah. That's really fun.

    不像 - (無法控制的傻笑)

  • Like that, and you have the legs that you can kick. Oh that game yeah, that was fun I don't remember what its called.


  • That one

    菲利克斯:他一直都在睡覺。 瑪齊亞:嗯,我和他一起玩。

  • And Of course nutaku games my favorite central for video games say the coupon code

    菲利克斯:也許是下一輛車? 瑪齊亞:噢。

  • Pewdiepie20. that's it, Pewdiepie20. That's the coupon code. How did you know that?

    菲利克斯:你不喜歡那個設計!! 瑪齊亞:對不起,我喜歡它!

  • Will you propose to Marzia the second time in Minecraft? And any chance, recording it?


  • Well, as you can see, I've set up a computer here Marzia. It's time to play minecraft.


  • Imagine if a creeper was our like priest explodes and kills us. Do you feel you've made it in life now you're basically best pals with Elon?

    好吧,首先我們要結婚了。 菲利克斯:這是要求。

  • Can you just stop shaking I cant read! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! That is my answer.

    我必須嫁給那些主持meme評論的人 Marzia:不,不。

  • Fe Male Wo Man Hu Man Per son whats Her?


  • Dishwasher. It's very lame,next one. The joke here was that I'm the one who put everything in the dishwasher


  • They thought it could be an educational moment here for everyone here


  • That you can learn that men can use the dishwasher too - okay. I use the dishwasher all the time


  • I prefer hand-washing.


  • You're more of a hand washing girl and there's nothing wrong with that. Mmm thank you.

    精品店仍然存在。 菲利克斯:精品店仍然存在。

  • Nothing wrong with it. Maybe before we were married, I would shame(we're not ma) but now I've educated myself.

    也許是未來的Mai商店。 瑪齊亞:也許吧。

  • This is from anime man Joey.


  • Who's your waifu?


  • Maya for me. Awww. Who is it?


  • Mayaaaa.


  • Sure Sure. I don't have a waifu you are wife my future waifu. You always have girl crushes okay? Don't even @ me.

    YouTube用戶。 Marzia:為什麼相機專注於我?

  • No I totally do. It will be fine if you said a name. here you got a question for Marzia.


  • Do you really think he is the one? I mean, really, you've got better men outside (hehe), who have a job and regularized monetized salary.


  • Yeah, but it is more than money. You know? Like charm and good looks. [haha funny joke felix]


  • Like being funny. Dude, I was rated top five, Marzia. Here's a tough one.


  • If you could marry Elon Musk, would you choose him over Marzia? We're already engaged. ;)

    菲利克斯:你錯過了什麼? Marzia:製作視頻,編輯,也分享內容。

  • Sorry Marzia this is the reason I put you on camera because I want people to know. Thankyou.


  • Like the bachelor.


  • Like the bachelor?


  • Yeah! When he broke off the engag...


  • *GaSp* He broke off the engagement?!


  • More questions


  • Do you want more 'cause that was all the questions. Okay well then BYE!

    菲利克斯:感覺好男人。 *打嗝*你會說意大利語,菲利克斯? 瑪齊亞:你呢?

  • Well, well, well, well, Thank You Marzia.

    菲利克斯:Si。 (意大利語)母親和父親(意大利語)

  • That was really smooth


  • For being here. Your welcome. But also for being my future wife. Of course.

    菲利克斯:披薩。 Marzia:Un Pizza。菲利克斯:(意大利語)

  • Everyone is invited to the wedding *GASP* Us caption authors too?!??

    菲利克斯:si。 ehhehehhehe

  • Check your inbox everyone that subscribes


  • Are invited it's gonna be lit. We're not giving out any details, right?

    Felix:sei bellisima,Marzia。 (你非常美) 瑪齊亞:謝謝。

  • You're just inviting. But you're invited. You won't know when, where, or how but... see you there.

    菲利克斯:(更多意大利語) Marzia :(懶散)

  • Make sure you smash like subscribe and also


  • Marzia the floor is yours - Millions of people watching. Ummm.

    但你應該為我讀一讀。 Marzia:砰,結婚,殺人

  • What do you want? What? Putting you on the spot smash like, subscribe. Buy all the merch.(Bring back cyka blyat merch)

    -Brad 1,Brad 2和Marzia 菲利克斯:好的,這很簡單。

  • [Help a bro out and Sub to Pewdiepie If you haven't already, also screw T-Series (T-Gay) and unsubscribe to them.] Peace.

    Kill Marzia,Bang Brad 1,嫁給Brad 2。

Hey, it's me and...Marzia!

菲利克斯:嗨,這是我和ddd Marzia:Marziaaaaa!


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