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  • So you're running away already

  • You know Billy I

  • didn't like it here either at first but

  • if there's some advice I can give you it's to just

  • Give it a few days

  • I'm sorry. Where are you applying again, California? I mean, you're not gonna leave it's great here

  • Everyone loves it look boyband hair. I have been busting my ass to keep a 5.0 for six years straight

  • So I do not need to apologize to you for wanting some fun and son

  • Are you really gonna make me get up?

  • Philly where are you even gonna go I learned how to live on my own come on

  • Josh marry

  • You're right it's hard lately, you know, I

  • Won't leave if you tell me what I tried

  • You're such an amateur just give this place a chance

  • People can surprise you sometimes

  • Good night, Billy you

So you're running away already


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A2 初級

比利偷跑出去|沙贊![刪減場景] (Billy Sneaks Out | Shazam! [Deleted Scene])

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