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  • Shareholder supremacy has been a really dangerous notion in many ways.

  • The system we operate within has been so focussed on short-term profit creation

  • at the expense of people and the planet that that approach is no longer an option.

  • Directors now need to look more and more at ESG type issues as both risks

  • and opportunities, and it’s ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’.

  • Looking at the investment landscape today, there is certainly a significant

  • change and a relatively fast-moving change. 90% of the decisionmakers in M&A processes

  • as investors are looking at ESG issues.

  • There is more of an appetite to acquire businesses that already have

  • strong ESG credentials. It’s a new way of looking at companies.

  • Youre also looking at some of these so-called non-financial aspects,

  • which at least in my opinion are financial, because ultimately

  • they impact your bottom line.

  • Between 2016 and 2018 alone, there was a 38% increase in assets with an ESG

  • or responsible lens. If you are a business who wants to be highly valued,

  • and you want to reduce the risks that are popping up in your due diligence,

  • you better get your ESG measurements in order.

  • The current problem with ESG due diligence is, that it is not yet clear

  • what the real value-drivers are in a transaction, from an ESG perspective.

  • Professionals like lawyers will be called upon to help develop

  • a framework for due diligence to preserve that value.

  • The B Team is a group of global business leaders and civil society leaders

  • who together, agree that business-as-usual is no longer an option.

  • It’s not enough to lead by brave action in your own company anymore

  • because if we are to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals

  • we have to change the system that we operate within.

  • There’s a moral reason for it, but it’s also good for business.

  • There are very much reputational issues around companies that are perceived to be

  • trying to operate in a sustainable, long-term was as opposed to

  • very short-term, profit focussed only ones.

  • When I came across ESG for the first time, I thought this was just another

  • management fad, or some consultants talking about stuff.

  • I very quickly came to the conclusion that this was important and

  • perhaps even mission-critical for businesses going forward.

  • An economic system that is focussed on the short-term,

  • has left us with a burning planet, has left us with a broken social contract.

  • We have a decade to deliver on the vision that will allow us to create

  • an inclusive economy for all and we had better get busy.

Shareholder supremacy has been a really dangerous notion in many ways.


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