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- Hi everybody, my name is Tyler Oakley
and I'm here with the one and only:
- Grace Helbig!
- And last year we played a game called:
- Things!
- Which is basically a stack of cards,
each one has a list of:
- Categories!
- And each of the categories we have to list:
- Five things!
- In under:
- 10 seconds!
- And Mamrie's gonna:
- Judge!
- What's new?
(sings The Circle of Life)
Whoever's got the least amount of points at the end
has to take a shot.
- Done.
- Whoever has the most points at the end
also gets to take a shot.
- Done.
- So we all drink.
You can too!
- Done.
- If you're over 21.
- Done.
- Or 18 in the UK.
- Done.
- Gotta go.
- Done.
- Good luck with your life.
- We're done. (laughs)
Things you wouldn't miss if they were gone.
- Acne.
Big old speed bump.
Police people.
Also, relish?
Also onions.
Mushrooms, too!
That's six. - [Mamrie] Okay, yeah.
- Whoa, you went above
and beyond. - Nailed it, nailed it,
nailed it, nailed it.
Things that move quickly.
- Life, high school, relationships,
San Andreas the movie, and Beans's legs.
- Oh, wow.
That's true.
- True. - True.
Things you don't want to ever see again.
- My parents naked.
Also, fucking Two Girls One Cup, One Guy One Jar,
god fucking--
- Time.
- No, wow!
I just was thinking about my parents naked.
- I know, you reveled too long after that.
- Once it was a Sunday morning and they were like,
"Have you never heard of knocking?"
I'm like, "It's God's day."
Things that are not worth arguing about.
- Finances.
- Cool.
- Yeah, I watch a lot of, um, television.
- Car parking. - [Mamrie] Time.
- Fucking shit.
- How did 10 seconds go so quick?
- Because I just thought about finances for too long.
Story of my life.
Things you wish you had invested in.
- Oh, I don't fucking know.
Snapchat, orange chicken, Ranch,
fucking buildings, (laughs) and also carpet.
(laughs) - [Mamrie] Time.
Everybody uses carpet.
I got carpet.
Don't spill on my carpet.
Things you would like to ask an astronaut.
- Why?
Who are you?
What fabric is the suit made of?
Do you smell your own farts?
- [Mamrie] Time.
- Oh, you were so close, but very, very good question.
- I want to be like, "How do you shit?"
It's like when girls where rompers
and it's the most difficult way to use
the restroom. - What's a romper about?
- I don't know, it's like a--
- You know I have overshorts?
Like overalls, but just shorts.
- What?
- Look at that leg.
- [Mamrie] Oh, okay.
- Oh my God, you're gonna love this category.
Yeah, get it, Kate Moss. - Uh huh.
Get it, Kate Moss. - Uh huh.
- Things that make your day easier.
- Fuck it, fuck it.
My carpet, my linoleum, OshKosh,
oh God. - [Mamrie] Time.
- Things that are bumpy.
- Roads, relationships,
- [Mamrie] Time.
- Three, that's a good three, though.
That's a good three.
- This is not three. - That's a solid three.
- Things that would make baseball more exciting.
- More hotdogs, more forum fingers, foam fingers,
more men, Nick Jonas,
and also carpet. - [Mamrie] Time.
- Got it, I got it, I said carpet in time.
- You said forum fingers.
- Things that are weak.
- Oh, fuck.
Drinks, people that don't work out,
passive aggressive
people, my emotions. - [Mamrie] Time.
- Sure.
- Just very like a quick therapy course for both of us.
- This always a little too real.
(Grace exhales)
- Things you shouldn't carry in your luggage.
- Oh.
A denim overshorts, a butt plug.
Literally, I'll tell you later.
A fucking glitter package. - [Mamrie] Time.
- These are all from experience.
Corey once was travelling with a huge tulle dress,
and it took up his entire carry-on.
They were like, "We need to look through this bag."
They open it, and it explodes everywhere,
and I was like, literally, "I'm not with him, like,
"I don't know who that..."
- The dress just exploded?
- The dress exploded out cause it was
packed to the brim inside the thing.
- You know that Mamrie and I were on tour
and Mamrie got gifted, for both of us,
a shot, no, a flask that was a gun,
or a gun-looking thing. - Oh my God.
- And so Mamrie, of course, was like,
"I can't travel with this," so she left it
in her room in the hotel, we go to the next hotel
for the next show, the next day, gets emails and phone calls
from the previous hotel being like,
"Ma'am, you left your gun
in the room." - Ma'am! (laughs)
- Things that are easy.
- Grace Helbig, also a mathematical test,
also (laughs), oh, easy squeeze.
(laughs) - [Mamrie] Time.
- But where was the lie?
Times table, times table. - A mathematical test,
easy squeeze. - Like seven by eight,
seven times eight, what's it?
You know, 42.
It's whatever.
- [Mamrie] It's 56.
- Oh, you're right.
Okay, things the teacher shouldn't say.
- Seven times eight is 52.
That they don't know how they got there,
that they're hungover. - [Mamrie] Time.
- Fuck.
- I mean, that's - Great, I'll take
three out of five.
- school spirit, spirit.
- School spirit, three out of five.
Things, oh God, that are great about being a baby.
- Oh, "goo goo ga ga," a rattle, a big ol' pacifier,
shitting your pants, and also:
not even giving a fuck.
Nailed it!
That's all we have today.
Mamrie, who won?
- [Mamrie] Oh, I think it went to Tyler.
- Yes.
- Wow, so.
- So we both take shots.
What a weird, terrible sport this is.
- Look at my outfit.
- Okay.
- To Beans.
- To Beans.
- And to tiny ass jeans.
- Delicious.
- Delicious.
- Five things they should do right now.
- Five things that you guys should do right now:
like, subscribe, comment, tweet--
- And then go watch Grace's video.
If this doesn't get a 100,000 likes
I'm gonna delete my account.
- What a way to start August.
- Okay, that's all, love you, later,
good luck with your life, bye.
- Goodbye.


Tyler Oakley猜猜樂 (PLAYING WITH OUR THINGS REMATCH (ft. Grace Helbig) | Tyler Oakley)

93 分類 收藏
戴劭璇 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 7 日
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