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  • SPEAKER: The world is working to unlock the solutions

  • to the climate crisis.

  • But without good data, even the most impactful ideas

  • can't take hold.

  • Google's Environmental Insights Explorer

  • is an online tool built to empower cities

  • with data to take informed action,

  • making it easier for cities to measure, plan, and reduce

  • the world's carbon emissions.

  • Dublin City Council used Environmental Insights Explorer

  • to implement smart transport policies

  • to improve cycling infrastructure

  • and track their efforts for sustainable modes of transport.

  • Environmental Insights Explorer showed Mexico City its building

  • emissions and the potential to generate over

  • 4 megawatts of renewable energy from rooftop solar.

  • And in Melbourne, Australia, it highlighted the solar potential

  • to power the entire city.

  • Google's Environmental Insights Explorer, helping

  • create a healthier, cleaner future

  • for citizens around the world.




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環境洞察力探索者。現已在全球100多個城市推出 (Environmental Insights Explorer: Now available in 100+ cities worldwide)

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