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  • It was the scariest moment of my life by far.

  • My daughter Vivian, her lips began to swell and she turned blue in our living room.

  • We ended up having to rush her to the hospital.

  • It's something I wouldn't wish upon any parent ever.

  • That's when I really understood the severity of food allergies.

  • My name is Denise Woodard, and I'm the founder of Partake Foods.

  • I am a Mom to a child with severe food allergies.

  • Viviy, have you been in an ambulance before?

  • Yes, because I couldn't breath.

  • You couldn't breathe?

  • No.

  • Her food allergies affect every aspect of our life.

  • Everytime you walk out the door, check to make sure you have four EpiPen's,

  • make sure you know where the nearest doctor is.

  • When we want to go out to eat I'm calling the restaurant days in advance,

  • because it just takes one bite of food to affect someone who has food allergies.

  • I'm making some Rainbow Soup.

  • Butter...

  • I tasted it. It's yummy!

  • Food allergies are a growing problem.

  • Food allergies in kids has more than doubled over the past ten years.

  • It's incredibly hard to shop for kids with food allergies,

  • so I quit my job to start Partake.

  • Partake Foods is a line of allergy-friendly snacks.

  • Everthings free of the top eight allergens, but most importantly delicious.

  • A cookie to a kid is enjoyment,

  • This is actually our newest flavor.

  • it's happiness, it's a big smile typically,

  • and we figured if there was a way that we could make them safe for nearly everyone and enjoyable it's life changing.

  • Qutting my job to start Partake, I would say scary is an understatement.

  • Laughs

  • Without Google I don't know if Partake would exist today.

  • I use Google Sheets for all of our inventory.

  • We literally determine all of our blog content from using Google Trends,

  • and we use Google Ads to help people discover our products and grow our E-commerce business.

  • By the end of this year we'll have five full-time employees.

  • We've gone from selling 150,000 cookies last year to over a million this year,

  • and we're looking to finish the year in 2000 stores.

  • Which one's your favorite?

  • All of them.

  • All of them?

  • I think that Vivian's food allergies have actually made us closer.

  • The Motherly love, how strong it is...

  • I heard a quote about, "It's your heart constantly walking outside of your body."

  • and I think that couldn't be more true.

  • Cheers, cheers.

  • I want food allergy Moms like me to see our brand and say,

  • "Phew, this is something that's safe, that tastes good, that I'm happy to share with my child."

  • I think mission accomplished so far.

  • Messy hands high-five.

It was the scariest moment of my life by far.


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Partake食品。用心烘焙 (Partake Foods: Baking from the heart)

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