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  • Before I started these classes I used to work in an office.

  • I realized I needed to

  • know more about how to use the computer.

  • The knowledge I had was kind of limited

  • so I decided to go back to school

  • because I wanted to do better.

  • When I lost my job,

  • I decided to see it as an opportunity to reinvent myself.

  • A lot of people take that as a negative,

  • being fired or being let go from their job,

  • but I took that negative and I decided to turn it into a positive by

  • coming to learn about what Google has to offer.

  • The community I serve here at Daley College are

  • mostly Latino students.

  • Some of the challenges our students face when they're applying for jobs

  • start from basic;

  • not knowing how to apply, how to use a computer,

  • many of the things that are required in the digital world.

  • They don’t have access to those things

  • and we can void that every year more, by providing these classes.

  • that’s exactly what were doing.

  • I think I’m taking big steps by taking this program.

  • Education is very important.

  • People never stop learning.

  • My big goal right now would be getting my Associates and working as a machinist.

  • It’s going to definitely help me, my next class is a little bit more advanced

  • and it involves more computers than anything.

  • It’s going to help me a lot.

  • I feel confident and empowered.

  • It’s an amazing transformation.

  • Just after 16 weeks of going through this process,

  • theyre different people.

  • They have self-esteem

  • and they talk about what theyre going to do.

  • The opportunities are countless.

Before I started these classes I used to work in an office.


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戴利學院。為芝加哥帶來新的機會 (Daley College: Bringing new opportunities to Chicago)

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