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  • Hi everyone! Konnichiwa! My name is Kat McDowell, I'm a singer-songwriter born in

  • Japan and raised in New Zealand. Today I’m visiting Socratica Studios to talk to you

  • about harmony.

  • To show you how harmony works, let's use the

  • opening notes of my songHuman”.♫

  • It's just one of those days...I don't want

  • to get out of bed..." To hear the full version of this song, I made

  • a music video with Socratica. So come check it out on my channel later.

  • To start, let’s listen to the opening notes...♫

  • So...Nice and harmonious, right? But what

  • if we used different notes…♫

  • Oh, bleegh! Why does that sound so wrong, when the original sounded so good?

  • The reason is harmony. Every musical note is connected to a number

  • - its frequency. For example, the note “A” has a frequency of 440 hertz.♫

  • When I play this note, ♫ the air between us vibrates back and forth very quickly, 440

  • times each second! This causes your eardrum to vibrate, and your brain says, “Hey! That’s

  • an A!” So here’s the basic idea behind harmony.

  • Two notes sound good togetherwhen their frequencies form a simple fraction. For example, the notes

  • C and G sound good together. ♫ And their frequencies are in the ratio 3 to 2.

  • I know, I know, it's not exactly. The ratio is really, really close to 3-to-2, it’s

  • just a tiny bit off. Most people can’t hear the difference. The reason why it’s not

  • exactly 3-to-2 is a story for another day.

  • The notes C and F also sound good together. ♫ The ratio of their frequencies is 4 to 3.

  • Another simple fraction, another pleasant sound.

  • Ooh! Listen to this pair. C and C! ♫ The ratio of their frequencies

  • is 2-to-1. That's the simplest fraction yet! .

  • But get ready. Listen to C and C# together. ♫ Eeeeuw. A more complex fraction and

  • a terrible sound.

  • The rules of harmony work with more than two notes. Listen to the chord of C, E and G. ♫

  • Nice, yes? Because this chord has 3 notes, what you're really hearing is 3 pairs of notes

  • at the same time:

  • C and E… E and G…

  • And C and G…

  • The ratios of these notes are 5-to-4… 6-to-5… and 3-to-2...

  • Now brace yourselves. Here’s a chord that soundspretty gross. ♫ Eeesh!

  • To understand why this sounds terrible, let's look at the fractions.

  • The ratio between C and D is 9-to-8. The ratio between D and G# is 45:32.

  • And the ratio between C and G# is 8:5.

  • No wonder it sounds awful to listen to these 3 fractions all at once! ♫

  • So far, weve been playing all these notes at once.

  • But you can also play them separately, too - Harmony still works the same way! ♫

  • And even some of the more complicated fractions have their place, too. In my song "Human,"

  • I do have a complex fraction snuck in there. See if you can catch it: ♫

  • ...did you catch that chord? It was used as a passing chord. was nice, it added

  • some flavour to it. So I hope you learned a little about harmony

  • today - why music sounds good, why it doesn't sound good...

  • And if you want to hear the rest of this song, make sure you visit my channel so you can

  • hear the song "Human."

  • Thank you so much to Socratica Studios for having me today. And I hope maybe I can come

  • back sometime soon! I guess that's up to you and how many likes you put in here. Ask for

  • me back in the comments below, and who knows, they might have me back! {whispering} Please

  • do that! I want to come back!

  • And now, if you want to hear the rest of this song - no fractions, just music - make sure

  • that you come to my channel and hear the rest of this song.

  • ♫ "It's just one of those days I don't want to get out of bed

  • I just want to curl up Make sure you come over

  • and subscribe to my channel, my channel, oh yeah!

  • Bye!

Hi everyone! Konnichiwa! My name is Kat McDowell, I'm a singer-songwriter born in


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