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(soft guitar music)
(keyboard clacking)
(high-pitched whooshing noise)
(muffled metal music)
(whooshing and creaking)
(guitar music grows louder)
- Ta-da!
- You're horrible at surprises.
- Open it!
- Oh!
I stand corrected.
- Is that a new lipstick?
- It's called "Limousine."
- "Tomato, Toe-mato."
- Oh, my God.
- I really want to meet
whoever names these things.
- Hey!
On a totally unrelated note,
The Screaming Handmaidens are in town tomorrow.
Do you want to go?
- No.
You know metal gives me a headache,
plus everyone'll be all sweaty.
Sorry, girl.
But, Devon, earlier she was listening to metal.
Like, really listening.
You should ask her.
- That's a good idea.
- Are you surprised?
- No.
I'm gonna go ask her right now.
- [Man] Bad move, Freddie.
- What?
- You just opened a door you can't close.
A door of pain.
Let me tell you how it's gonna go.
First, Safiya and Devon go to a concert together.
Next thing you know, they're Facetiming
in the same room, okay?
And finally, they're making soup together.
Hot soup!
- No, that's our thing.
Saf and I make soup.
- No, not anymore.
Smell something?
Smells, what --
Smells like jealousy.
- Okay, you're nuts.
(ominous gong)
(keyboard clicking)
(mellow music)
You'd text me back, wouldn't you?
(raising pitch) Mm-hmm!
(mellow music)
Damn it.
- So I used to work at this restaurant,
it was like a Jimmy Buffett restaurant,
and we had this cook who was the --
- Hey, guys, how was the show?
- Smashing, dahling! - Smashing, dahling!
- Haha, cheerio.
Ah, Saf, it's Tuesday.
Know what that means?
Soup for lunch, soup for lunch.
- Devon really wanted to try this new ice cream place.
- [Devon] But you should totally come.
I hear their ice cream sandwiches are,
like, so good.
- Saf, you know I'm lactose intolerant.
- They probably have sorbet.
- Fine, fine.
I'll go.
- Sorbet for lunch!
- I'll go, I'll go. - Thanks, (muffled).
- Man, I can't believe they didn't have any sorbet!
- Yeah, I feel so bad.
- Yeah.
- You don't have any of those LACTAID pills, Freddie?
- I don't like putting chemicals in my body.
- They infuse it in the molecules or something.
- I feel like we should make ice cream.
- [Devon] I'm down.
- [Safiya] Right?
- [Devon] Mm-hmm.
- [Safiya] We could make sorbet, Freddie.
- Wait.
Wait a minute.
- Hey, wait.
- Could you angle it down a little?
- "The Scarlet Letter" is so hard.
I did love "Easy A," though.
- Oh, yeah.
I do love "Easy A."
- Yeah, "Easy A" was really good,
and Amanda Bynes's last role.
- Hey, guys.
- Huh?
- You guys are walking really fast.
- Oh, sorry, Fred. - Oh.
- Long legs. - Mm-hmm.
(rock guitar riff)
(creepy fun house music)
(mocking, twisted laughter)
- I love being tall.
- So do I!
God, this soup is going to be so good,
and she'll never know.
Freddie will never know.
(high-pitched laughter)
(low-pitched laughter)
(laughter increases)
(soft gasp)
(bongo music)
- Hey, I'm looking for, um,
I can't remember her name.
She's really tall.
She wears a lot of black.
She's best friends with Devon.
- I'm Safiya's best friend.
- Yes, Safiya.
- Yup.
- Thank you.
That's her name.
(mellow guitar music)
- [Safiya] Freddie.
- Oh, God, I thought you were a mirage.
- I've been texting you all weekend.
What's going on?
- Why don't you ask Devon?
- Why would I ask Devon?
She is not my best friend.
I even tried calling you.
- I turned my phone off.
I do that sometimes.
It's healthy for the eyes.
- So are we watching "Game of Horses"
tonight or what?
- I'm sorry I've been so weird.
- It's okay.
We're all weird sometimes.
I left the sink running for 20 minutes last week.
- That's, like, really bad, Saf.
- It's okay.
I compensated by getting a reusable water bottle.
- We can watch the episode at my place.
- Donut?
- Oh, yes.
- Yum!
- I don't even know.
(whooshing and creaking)


都是嫉妒惹的禍!關於友情的小故事 (When You’re Friend Jealous)

38 分類 收藏
doris.lai 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 6 日
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