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  • What happened with Eric Dier in the crowd at the end of the game?

  • I don't think that is the most important thing of the game, in fact it does not belong to

  • the game. I think the game was so fantastic I think. It was a real representation of what

  • the FA Cup is and has to be that I would prefer to speak about the game. But I cannot run

  • away from your question. I think Eric Dier did something that we professionals

  • cannot do but in these circumstances every one of us would do. Because when somebody

  • insults you and your family is there and you get involved with the person that is insulting

  • you, in this case a younger brother, I think Eric did what we professional we cannot do.

  • But I repeat, probably everyone of us would do. I repeat, we professionals we cannot do,

  • but I repeat I am with the player and I understand the player.

  • I have to say that also fantastic Norwich fans but our fans they were fantastic with

  • the team. They felt the effort, they felt the difficulties. They probably don't know

  • and if they don't I have to say that Bergwijn, Lucas, Dele, all of them they told me I can't

  • carry on. I'm completely dead. Other players on the pitch they were also

  • in big trouble. For example Lo Celso was in big trouble and was absolutely phenomenal.

  • The fans I think they were with the team until the last penalty kick which we missed. The

  • people that are in these privileged positions by the tunnel. Of course some are Tottenham

  • fans but I think a lot of corporate, a lot of invitation, a lot of people with special

  • status and probably it's the place of the stadium where I sometimes have doubts over

  • if they are the real Tottenham fans because these are the ones who support the boys until

  • the last. This person insulted Eric, this family was there. The young brother was not

  • happy with the situation and then Eric, I repeat did what we professionals cannot do,

  • but did something that probably we would do.

  • Was there racism involved, there has been allegations on social media?

  • I cannot say, I don't know. I just know that the reaction of Eric was based on his brother,

  • didn't like what was happening there. I cannot go in that direction with these details.

  • Press officer - Jose's answered all he can on that now, any more questions on the game?

  • Michel Vorm came back in and played well until the incident?

  • That's football. That's football. I think the team defended very well today. We were

  • very solid. Very compact. Even in great difficulties, I think the boys they were quite solid in

  • relation to the qualities they have. A clean sheet was very close. The game was controlled.

  • Of course I had, and sometimes people don't understand my decisions, but they don't know

  • what is going on, Lucas and Bergwijn they told me 'out immediately because I am very

  • close to being injured'. So I had to take them out in a moment where

  • the result is 1-0 and there is always a risk of happening what happened.

  • Then of course and Michel is not going to be upset with me because Michel is such an

  • incredible guy and such an experienced boy, of course it's a Michel mistake. We cannot

  • run away from this but we are all together. After the goal, after the mistake, with all

  • the respect for Norwich, I'm not criticising them at all but we were the team that was

  • close to winning in 90 minutes. Serge hit the post, I saw the ball inside and then in

  • extra-time we were the team that tried. Again I would expect Lamela to play 15 minutes,

  • instead he played 60 minutes and he did so well.

  • Giovani did so well, Gedson had great opportunities to score as well. The boys did everything

  • they could. I think they deserved to win the game in 90 minutes and in extra-time. Penalties

  • is penalties and they scored, congratulations to them.

  • What did you make of Oliver Skipp's performance over 120 minutes?

  • Phenomenal. Very, very good. Very, very good, solid performance. Even with the yellow card

  • I kept him for two hours, first of all because Winks was in trouble, secondly because he

  • was so solid, so mature, so confident that I was never afraid of a second yellow card

  • coming. He was always in control of the game. We could

  • see the difference also on the physical condition of him and the people who us playing all the

  • time. In this moment I am really sad for the players

  • and the fans, but I am thinking already about what next and I am really, really worried

  • about playing in two days.

  • Trying to give my boys a chance to go to Leipzig with a minimum of conditions to fight against

  • a fresh team, a team with incredible solutions and options and rotations. I have to think

  • about a Saturday match and a Tuesday match and try to decide which one is the priority

  • and which one is the one where I can give some of my boys under huge fatigue the best

  • possible chance. That's what worries me now.

  • Will there be disciplinary action against Dier?

  • If the club does that I will not agree

What happened with Eric Dier in the crowd at the end of the game?


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