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  • In a doctor's exclusive please welcome Courtney stodden to the show

  • He's gonna ask you to start whether or not you think people have the wrong idea about who you are definitely um

  • You know I?

  • became famous when I was 16 years old and

  • I mean when you're 16 years old

  • You are a completely different person obviously [you] know from when you are in your you know early 20s, and then ultimately 30s

  • You're a different person

  • And I think I kind of went into a zombie mode if you will you know I feel like I kind of shut down

  • Emotionally mentally maybe a little bit and I lost myself in that process

  • You know I kind of feel like at a young age

  • I just were you like before then before the celebrity [head] [to] perfect teenager

  • Did you know I was?

  • Carefree um I still am I still holding on to that?

  • fairness you're still really young

  • Gone through all of this hopefully [born] [handed] [you] [and] your mom I guess are strange right now

  • Maybe working it out, but have you been able to form any positive relationships with other women or older women absolutely?

  • yeah, you know it's I think because of the tumultuous relationship that I do have with my mother and

  • So many things you know for me at least trust has been shattered and a lot of regards um and I

  • You know so yeah, I did shattered that trust if I may ask [you] know

  • I think uh I think throughout the years there's been a lot of things you know that have happened

  • I do have a lot of hurt that I carry inside of me um

  • With that relationship, and you know just still just things you know like

  • you know

  • wondering how you know a parent could sign off on a sixteen-year-old marrying a [fifty] year old you resent her for

  • making that decision to let you get married Too young

  • thankfully I

  • did marry a good [man] and I know the

  • Situation is extremely unconventional you know

  • But there are the stories you know Celine dion and Rene Angelil and John and bo Derek?

  • And you know he is a good man, [so] I'm happy that she signed off to a good person

  • And he still is in my life

  • He's been my rock through times when I've suffered so many tragedies in my life

  • [but] I don't want to say I regret her decision and doing that

  • I don't want to live with those regrets

  • But I do now realize probably why she did sign off on it because she wasn't really

  • completely happy in the relationship with my own father at the time and she always loved hollywood you know and and

  • So [did] I and I think when I started to express that interest and this opportunity came along at [16] falling in love you

  • [know] she was she was extremely supportive

  • [you] don't have any children with your husband, right?

  • But you guys had we do know you were pregnant at one point right it ended in a miscarriage

  • And it's still hard for me to talk about I'm so sorry

  • you

In a doctor's exclusive please welcome Courtney stodden to the show


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考特尼-斯托登坦言她的婚姻和流產。 (Courtney Stodden Speaks out on Her Marriage & Miscarriage)

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