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  • *Opens curtains*

  • *Squeech*

  • *Birds chirping*

  • *Thermometer screeches*

  • *Shatters*


  • Wow, would you look at that? It's a...uh.. it's summertime.

  • eh..again

  • Seems to do that every year.

  • Well, I guess I don't really need this coat anymore.

  • *Rips*

  • There, that's better.

  • Snowman: E e E e ee EEee e eeeee

  • *snowman continues to try and imitate a dying goat... and fails.*

  • Gingerpale: Oh No!

  • *Slides like a rock*

  • Hey, buddy, uh, yo- you don't look so good.

  • Snowman: *Alarm clock beep*

  • Gingerpale: Oh no, you're melting!

  • Du- don't worry.

  • *snowman squealing, trying to be a dying goat*

  • We'll- we'll get, we'll get you all fixed up, but, maybe- your eyes aren't working so good right no-. Oh god!

  • Oh god, oh god they're falling off and... and... your little twig arm...

  • we gotta we gonna put that back in! What's going on? I- i don't know what's happening!

  • Snowman: RUN.

  • Gingerpale: *laughs* You know, he- he was kind of a stick-in-the-mud anyways.

  • (drums) *Badum chi*

  • Sun: MMmMMmMm

  • giIngEr pAllE

  • Gingerpale: Oh no.

  • Sun: giIiNnNgGfEeRR PaLLlLleeeEE

  • Gingerpale: No, no not this guy!

  • *Slaps feet running.*

  • *Slam*

  • Sun: Ah Oh! Someone closed the door GinNgerR PPAaAaLleE.

  • Gingerpale: Mother. Please let me in.

  • *Curtains close*

  • *door lock clicks*

  • Mom?

  • Sun: g in ger p i ll it's time to plaEaeAey!

  • Gingerpale: I'm gonna be honest. I really don't want to hang out.

  • Sun: WeEeELLLlLLll

  • Gingerpale: Is that my ukulele?

  • Sun: (Singing) You know, it's getting warmer now that a winter's gone awWwwWwaaAaAAaAyYyyY.

  • I've been alive a billion years you cannot run away.

  • Sunblock won't protect you, just from what I have in mind.

  • The Earth and I will one day both collide.

  • OoOOoOoOoOhHhh

  • Summer time.

  • Summer tiMmMMMmMmEeEeEe.

  • Look at me and I'll destroy your eyes.

  • Oh summer time.

  • sSsuUumMMmerrRr tTtiIiMmmMmEEeE.

  • You'll be dead and I will be just fine.

  • *Wheezy cough*

  • Here, have a volleyball.

  • Gingerpale: *Ded*

  • *Outro Music*

  • Gingerpale: Oh hey guys, thanks for watching the video.

  • Okay quick thing,

  • I recently teamed up with Crowdmade for a live 'Storyboarding with GingerPale' event.

  • And I just want to say thanks to everyone who made it out there and everyone who helped set it up.

  • They all helped contribute ideas to this video.

  • I also want to say thank you to the Nevercake twins for helping write and storyboard as well.

  • So you should go check them out. There's a link in the description.

  • I had shingles once. ;-;

*Opens curtains*


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