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  • turns out that james licked it was a p_r_ and he obtaining sent back in the

  • day as soon after world war two and he didn't skipping enough friends to be

  • specific

  • spots

  • it's cantonese eighty-six years old by the way he enemy of parade at dot com

  • and let's talk about what his career was like prior to being the hosted inside

  • the actor's studio and he said look i was living in france and i was uh... in

  • a tough financial situation and uh... i just wanted you know what maybe i should

  • be a pin no perjured their values will abide by a ok now

  • it was a nineteen fifties that you've course incident of a positive one uses

  • look women needed money it was an of course it's usually economic situation

  • where we have now it's

  • let me actually read his quotes absent you know when it would not

  • putting words in his mouth he says that

  • has the paris was different then still poor

  • medically get jobs and in the mail chauvinist paris of the time at that

  • time the women couldn't get work it all it was perfectly respectable for them to

  • go and let me uh...

  • larry okay

  • but last at michael shara how to pronounce that and that's how we could

  • have said that i did my best side

  • uh... so

  • ya well

  • i like it is a gift of back to bed

  • here before was all its

  • but having in the media and the worst

  • into and i don't think the prosecution really going to a problem that i have no

  • problem in the interim

  • uh... which kind of cool down after the of that looked the of course is that he

  • didn't answer leases pavement

  • if he had you know and that's the word every single brea

  • he said his

  • he almost let's talk about it like he got seduced into the asa let me read you

  • loud what he said about that he set out one of the prostitutes

  • and i became great friends when i read that money i said i have to go home she

  • said no you don't

  • all arrange for you

  • so she arranged for me to do it by had to be okayed by the underworld otherwise

  • they would have found me floating in the senate

  • so that that's also kind of uh... fascinating lake

  • he had to go to some options writing to be able to be u_p_i_ and p in in paris

  • so

  • immediate turns out

  • i mean he was

  • pinprick every liberal and he was a badass character back midday so the

  • point that i wanna make is you know at item like that

  • paris at was very very progressive when it came to prostitutes and how

  • prostitutes are perceived

  • because i think that in today's society especially the united states

  • if you are female prostitutes

  • if your mail process if your positives harrell out people are going to outlook

  • down and you know that they're probably going to prevent you from getting a job

  • later on if you want to get out of that kind of i'll work and sell i remember

  • talking about this with you a long time ago jake you know there was a period of

  • time where women couldn't get jobs you know it just was unacceptable for women

  • to work and it was actually this a little courageous for women

  • financial freedom and go out and and be positive that i know the wording is kind

  • of strange but it's true they were kind of looked up to it that way it was kind

  • of like a revolutionary thing to do yet look i i i'm positive there's some truth

  • in that i'd also be good

  • it useful to ms or plain old that he was a local

  • but he doesn't want to show you the darker side of it

  • but i'm positive that even in the nineteen fifties is for rest of us paris

  • might have been it's not like we were like these

  • cattle prods clinton

  • now wars read all you have some please give me money to use my body

  • uh... my would imagine the great majority of those women felt that they

  • had no economic choice but to do that

  • now if the the environment was open and progressive and non judgmental about

  • eight or at least more so than it is today in kuwait

  • i don't want people to be judgmental about it but i'm sure was all roses

  • for world war two

  • in you're at least europe

  • for women who had to become prostitutes so steep relapse elite

turns out that james licked it was a p_r_ and he obtaining sent back in the


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