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  • Hi (English)

  • One day, we will play in the major leagues (English)

  • I will be the first female president of Egypt (Arabic)

  • I will direct and star in my own action movie (Indonesian)

  • I will travel to space and see the rings of Saturn (Portuguese)

  • I will go parachute jumping (Russian)

  • I will travel the world (French)

  • I will give a home to every dog (Spanish)

  • I will be an artist like Michael Jackson (Japanese)

  • I will be the poet whose voice births the new Nigerian (English)

  • I will see my ad campaign in Times Square (Spanish)

  • I will open my own lab (English)

  • One day I will win a gold medal at the Olympics and be ranked #1 in the world (Thai)

  • One day I’ll ask her to marry me (English)

  • I will open my own restaurant (Hindi)

  • One day I will be a mommy (German)

  • I will discuss the environment with Pope Francis (English)

  • One day (English)

  • One day (Italian)

  • One day (Thai)

  • One day (Arabic)

  • One day (Hindi)

  • One day (Sign Language)

  • One day (Mandarin)

  • One day (Russian)

  • One day (French)

  • One day we will see every girl in school (English)

Hi (English)


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2016年國際婦女節塗鴉。#OneDayIWill (International Women's Day Doodle 2016: #OneDayIWill)

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