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  • Hey guys! How is it going?

    嗨 各位! 你們好嗎?

  • My name is Michaela, and I've been living in Japan since 2005.

    我叫Michaela 我從2005年開始住在日本

  • It's a long time. But I don't live in Tokyo or Osaka or Kyoto

    我住在這很久了 但我不住在東京或是京都市

  • I've spent the last seven years in the southern island of Kyushu.


  • I've lived in Miyasaki Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, and I've the last four years living in Fukuoka.


  • And some of you might know this already, but there's a surprising amount of people who don't.


  • And when they find out, they are always shock. Why don't you go to Tokyo?


  • But you know, I've always just felt more comfortable here.

    當他們知道後都很驚訝 為什麼你不去東京呢?

  • My parents came to visit, and they stayed here for ten days.

    但你知道的 我總覺得這裡比較適合我

  • And during that time, I showed them every aspect of Fukuoka and Japanese culture that I could.


  • It was like through watching them discover Japan I was able to rediscover why I felt so strongly about Fukuoka.


  • It sounds lame but it's actually true.


  • They were able to experience both the traditional side of Japan and Japanese culture and the modern twist that Fukuoka brings with its relaxing beaches and the chill people.


  • If you're planning on coming to Japan, Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto, they are great places but those are the tourist destinations.


  • If you wanna experience real Japan, you gotta go somewhere new, you gotta go somewhere exciting, and I challenge you.

    如果你有計畫來日本, 東京或大阪都是不錯的地方但它們是個觀光景點

  • Next time you're travelling through Japan, try to go off the beaten path because other cities in Japan may not be tourist attractions but they are still worth checking out.

    如果你真的想體驗日本 你得去新的地方,你得去有趣的地方

  • There is more to Japan than just Tokyo, and for now, I have no plans to move to Tokyo.


  • I would rather stay in Fukuoka, and I plan to stay here for a long time.


  • So hopefully I answered some questions and gives you a little broader look into Japan.


  • Until next time, Michaela- dishta!


Hey guys! How is it going?

嗨 各位! 你們好嗎?

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