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  • An economic populist

  • “I’m not in Washington to work for billionaires.”

  • known for taking on big banks.

  • Break up these giant banks.”

  • And for being a bit of a policy wonk.

  • “I’m a data nerd.”

  • Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren

  • is running for president.

  • “I am a candidate for president

  • of the United States of America.”

  • So, who is she?

  • Warren grew up in Oklahoma,

  • the daughter of a janitor.

  • She later became a law professor at Harvard.

  • She got into politics in 2012,

  • when she was elected the first female senator

  • from Massachusetts.

  • Were going to hold the big guys accountable.”

  • She won on a message demanding strict regulations

  • on Wall Street.

  • Once she got to Washington,

  • she earned a reputation for being tough on banks.

  • Wells Fargo cheated millions of people.

  • At best, you were incompetent.

  • At worst, you were complicit.

  • And either way, you should be fired.”

  • And she helped set up

  • the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • under President Obama.

  • Elizabeth was sounding the alarm

  • on predatory lending

  • and the financial pressures on middle-class families.”

  • So, what’s Warren campaigning on?

  • She’s been using her passion for policy as a way

  • to stand out in a crowded 2020 field.

  • Some of her top priorities:

  • Income inequality,

  • taxing the wealthiest Americans

  • and reining in big tech companies.

  • It is time to break up America’s tech giants.”

  • So, how has she taken on President Trump?

  • Warren has called him a:

  • small, insecure money grubber.”

  • And his administration:

  • the most corrupt in living memory.”

  • Trump has relentlessly mocked Warren over her claim

  • of Native American ancestry.

  • Pocahontas, right?

  • They call her Pocahontas.

  • I’ve got more Indian blood in me

  • than Pocahontas, and I have none.”

  • She took a DNA test to try to prove her heritage.

  • It didn’t go over well.

  • Tonight, the leaders of the Cherokee Nation

  • are speaking out against Senator Elizabeth Warren’s

  • campaign video.”

  • Warren later apologized to the Cherokee Nation.

  • “I told Chief Baker that I am sorry.”

  • So, what are her chances?

  • Although she got an early start,

  • she’s polling in the single digits.

  • And while she initially struggled with fundraising,

  • those numbers have improved.

  • Warren says she is not accepting big donations,

  • instead, relying only on grassroots contributions.

  • And I’m not out sucking up to a bunch of billionaires

  • hoping that theyre going to run a super PAC for me.”

  • It’s a risk her campaign hopes pays off in 2020.

An economic populist


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伊麗莎白-沃倫是誰?| 伊麗莎白-沃倫是誰? (Who Is Elizabeth Warren? | 2020 Democratic Candidate)

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