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  • reflecting what is happening worldwide and obviously an increasing number of

  • people are being diagnosed with the corona novel coronavirus what we are now

  • seeing in Sydney in New South Wales is a reflective of that situation as at last

  • Friday or Thursday we late last week we had just four people and of course

  • they'd all been discharged by the weekend that had increased to night and

  • earlier today and in fact only about an hour ago the premier announced the tenth

  • person to have been diagnosed with the virus and then I found dr. chant and the

  • health authorities advise me of the 11th I have just been advised of the 12th and

  • 13th so we are seeing quite an escalation of diagnosis of the virus

  • having said that the people who have been diagnosed in the last little while

  • today in the latest pathology runs have all had a fairly positive position in a

  • sense that they were diagnosed in the in the early stages and obviously I just

  • preface this by saying this is all hot-off-the-press literally but we

  • believe that they first presented to their GPS and they were then I know that

  • they were then able to have their pathology those pathology results have

  • come through literally just in the last of the wall the people who we have had

  • this afternoon and I'll just give you a very brief summary that I'll pass to dr.

  • chance who will have some more things to say on this we had as we announced in

  • Parliament this afternoon as the premier announced a 39 year old gentleman who

  • came in from on the 28th of February and he came via

  • Kuala Lumpur and Singapore we have another male who's 53 years old and he

  • returned to Sydney from Singapore last Friday that's the 28th of February and

  • the two cases that have literally just been advised to us from pathology and

  • we're very very light on detail at this point but we will make that further

  • information available as soon as we can we have a female in her 60s who returned

  • to Sydney from South Korea and was diagnosed today we don't have full

  • details yet of when she returned to Sydney or what the flight details were

  • and the case number thirteen is a female also in her 60s who returned from Japan

  • and again was diagnosed today so we are seeing an escalating number of people

  • but can I say this and I say this very much to the community and brought

  • broadly who are coming back into Australia from some of the many now

  • hotspots around the world these people should be thanked and as the Health

  • Minister here in New South Wales and I'm sure with dr. chant we both thank them

  • for putting themselves forward when they recognized that they had certain

  • flu-like symptoms and they presented themselves to generally at the moment

  • general practitioners but in some cases they presented to hospitals some of the

  • early ones and that is absolutely critical New South Wales health indeed

  • the health systems around this country cannot do this job that we need to do

  • without a full partnership with the community members who are coming back

  • from these locations around the world that unfortunately do have

  • the there's a novel coronavirus so prevalent we do have some important

  • events coming up for some of the communities March 20th it's quite a

  • number of communities including the Iranian community the Azerbaijan

  • community and a quite a number of communities we'll be celebrating new

  • year and there will be large celebrations anticipated New South Wales

  • health will be working with the communities over the next week or so

  • just to work out how best to handle each of those events to make sure they can be

  • enjoyed but also done safely

reflecting what is happening worldwide and obviously an increasing number of


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