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  • International Nurses Day is a really

  • wonderful way to celebrate and think

  • about the way that we've connected with

  • people over the previous 12 months. You'd be

  • really challenged to find somebody who

  • hasn't been touched or had the impact of

  • nursing care for themselves or for one

  • of their loved ones. So I think don't

  • think we can underestimate the reach

  • that we have and the ability that we

  • have to connect with other human beings

  • This is across the state, we make a huge

  • difference to patients and their

  • families and it's not just on

  • International Nurses Day it's every

  • single day of the year we're at the

  • front line and we're in very diverse

  • settings and we interact with people in

  • all sorts of different ways. I think we

  • actually underestimate the huge power

  • that we have to provide care and

  • compassion to other people. And often

  • these little small things and we might

  • do for someone, the support that we

  • provide, that kind of word, the touch of a

  • hand and that human connection that we

  • have when we deliver care. It's really

  • important for nurses to celebrate

  • International Nurses Day because it

  • provides us with an opportunity to stand

  • still, take a breath and reflect on the

  • year that's been and really think about

  • the remarkable contribution that we've

  • made as nurses to the well-being of not

  • only of the patients and families that

  • we care for, our communities and each

  • other, in a way that we actually come

  • together to deliver care. My message to

  • nurses this year is firstly to say thank

  • you for the huge contribution that they

  • make each and every day. My other message

  • is actually to take time as I said to

  • reflect on the fantastic job that you do

  • and the difference that you make to

  • people and I'll also ask you all to take a

  • deep breath have a look around and think

  • about some of the people that you've

  • worked with who have made a real

  • difference.

  • So wishing all the nurses of New South

  • Wales are fabulous 2019 International

  • Nurses Day

  • [Music]



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