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  • NARRATOR: Earthquakes...

  • hurricanes...

  • food-borne outbreaks...

  • anthrax attacks...

  • The world continues to have disasters, terrorist threats,

  • and diseases both known and unknown.

  • You don't have to face all of it alone.

  • Within days of the cataclysmic Japanese earthquake and tsunami,

  • CDC scientists were at work,

  • protecting U.S. shores from potentially harmful radiation.

  • Immediately after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico,

  • CDC began tracking potential health problems.

  • Long before Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters receded,

  • CDC sent experts to help get

  • the New Orleans public-health system back up and running.

  • Right after the 9/11 terrorist attacks,

  • CDC was on site,

  • keeping emergency responders from getting sick

  • and tracking long-term health problems.

  • Behind the scenes and sometimes right out in front,

  • the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • extends a helping hand wherever and whenever we are needed.

  • CDC works in an emergency,

  • but our work is not waiting for the next disaster to happen.

  • Every day, CDC is tracking food-borne outbreaks

  • that could sicken and kill hundreds of people --

  • especially children.

  • Every day, CDC is tracking diseases

  • that can be prevented by vaccines

  • or changes in diet or lifestyle.

  • Every day, CDC is on call, helping your community

  • with health concerns both great and small.

  • Every day, CDC is working

  • to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

  • Every day, CDC is helping laboratories

  • identify and rapidly report disease outbreaks.

  • Every day, CDC keeps The Strategic National Stockpile

  • of emergency medicine and supplies

  • ready to ship anywhere in the U.S. within 12 hours.

  • Every day, CDC's disease detectives

  • conduct field investigations for all kinds of health threats.

  • The CDC is standing firmly in place,

  • protecting you from threats today

  • and helping you protect your tomorrows.

  • CDC 24/7.

  • Saving lives.

  • Protecting people.

  • Saving money through prevention.

  • For more information, visit...

NARRATOR: Earthquakes...


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