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  • Many of us have downtime where we feel bored and use that time in ineffective ways.


  • While we don't think twice about it at the time, it often can result in you feeling like you wasted an opportunity later on.


  • Therefore, in this video, we look at five things you can do when bored.


  • Number One: Learn


  • If you feel bored, one of the most effective ways to use the time is to learn something new.


  • This can be done in a multitude of ways, whether going out somewhere like the library, on your computer or your phone, learning is easier than ever.


  • As you learn, you grow to expand your mind and view, perhaps finding that beliefs you previously held are challenged, making you think more.


  • The process of thinking also benefits you long term, slowing the aging process and consequently, brain degeneration.


  • Number Two: Consume Culture


  • Learning about and taking part in cultural events can be a great way to use time when bored.


  • There's often going to be a local event taking place and it can be worth going to experience something new and different.


  • This can help you meet new and interesting people that otherwise you may never met at all.


  • And importantly, it helps you experience something different, which brings variety in life, something we all crave as individuals.


  • Number Three: Take Up a Hobby


  • Try to use the time to take up a new hobby which can take pretty much any form you want, but ideally make it something that will help you develop new skills.


  • For example, creating something, such as arts and crafts, can be a highly beneficial way to use time, as you develop and learn new skills along the way.


  • However, it doesn't have to be restricted to this, as you may want to read and learn about something new.


  • The key is, make sure whatever you do helps you progress in some way, as naturally when you feel you're making progress on a given endeavour, it makes you happier in life.


  • Number Four: Do Something For Mental Health


  • Boredom is often akin to feelings of anxiety and depression, and so it's useful to learn mental exercises that help alleviate feelings of boredom.


  • This might be to practice mindfulness or meditation, proven to help improve your mental health as well as serve a number of positive benefits.


  • The great thing about meditating is it doesn't require much, if anything, to get started, as all you really need is a quiet space to yourself.


  • This will also help you contemplate aspects of yourself and your life, coming to conclusion where you want to focus and really coming to terms with how you use your time.


  • Number Five: Do Little Tasks


  • If you're bored then simply put identify little tasks that you can do and get them out of the way.


  • Chances are, these little tasks are things you're going to get done at some point, and if left alone could build up to become bigger tasks.


  • For example, cleaning is the obvious example of what could potentially be a little task, but as a mess is left to build up, will eventually become a big task.


  • So take control, do the little things, because doing so will use your time well and give you more time and peace of mind later down the line.


  • What do you do when bored?


  • Let me know in the comment section below.


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  • Thanks for watching.


Many of us have downtime where we feel bored and use that time in ineffective ways.



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五件無聊時該做的事情! (Productive Things To Do When Bored At Home - What To Do When You're Bored)

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