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  • Luis Suarez, is he a man to be feared?

  • I said before. I'll say it again. It's a team game.

  • You been in touch with him at all? Do you expect him to be fit? Has he given you any clues?

  • I don't think he's asked me for any clues, and I've not asked him for any clues.

  • Is Luis Suarez the sort of player to start a game if he's not 100% fit?

  • You'd have to ask Luis Suarez that. I don't really want to comment on Luis Suarez or Uruguay

  • or anything to do with Uruguay. I'm worrying about England, worrying about what we can

  • do as a team. I'm worried about how we're going to negate any problems that they're

  • going to cause. I'm worrying about how we're going to be able to attack them and show what

  • we can do as a team.

  • It's just... He didn't obviously come on to the pitch at any time against Costa Rica when

  • they needed it, so that might suggest that he's struggling.

  • I don't know. I'm not on texting terms at the moment with Luis. I don't think Steven

  • Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, Raheem or Glen Johnson are either, as well at the Liverpool

  • staff. I don't think he wants to conversate with those people because of course they're

  • English, and they may feed us a little bit of information, so I don't think Luis is going

  • to want to tell anybody about how he's feeling. I hope he's okay, as I said. I hope he's fit.

  • I hope he's fighting fit because I'd never wish injury on any footballer, but regardless

  • of whether he's playing or not, we can't worry about Luis Suarez as an obsession with Luis

  • Suarez, Luis Suarez. I mean, there's Cavani. There's other players for Uruguay. It's a

  • team game, and that's the end of it for me.

Luis Suarez, is he a man to be feared?


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丹尼爾-斯圖裡奇接受採訪。我和蘇亞雷斯沒有簡訊往來。 (Daniel Sturridge interview: I'm not on texting terms with Luis Suarez)

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