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  • School admission service processes around 12,000 applications a year. This could be

  • for Children starting School for the first time or children moving onto Junior or secondary

  • school

  • for many people it may have been the first time they have made an application or it could

  • have been 7 years since they have applied

  • The admission service are here to provide help and support for parents when making these

  • important decisions

  • The first contact you will probably receive from us, is when you receive applying for

  • a school place booklet like this one. We send these out to all Warwickshire families with

  • Children who start school for the first time or move to secondary or junior school. The

  • booklet contains information about the admissions process, key information, dates the parents

  • will need when applying for a School place. Its a really good idea for parents to read

  • through the information booklet carefully

  • There is also lots of useful information in the Warwickshire website including information

  • on the Schools priority areas and key points about the admissions process.

  • With a big decision like this, it is important to discuss your options with your child especially

  • if you have a secondary age child to involve them in the process.

  • You an also find more information about the Schools by visiting open days, ofsted reports

  • and more information on our website.

  • Its helpful to arrange a visit to any of the schools you are interested in most schools

  • will have open days for this they will also have more information on there websites and

  • you can look at ofsted reports.

  • In Warwickshire you can list upto 6 preferences on your application and we do advise all parents

  • to include there priority school in that list of preferences

  • After the deadline we process all applications and allocate places based on the schools own

  • subscription criteria this means that if a school has more applications than places available

  • the places are allocated fair in a consistent way.

  • In Warwickshire 96% of students are offered one of there there top 3 preferred schools.

  • Its vital that your application is received by the closing date as any late applications

  • will not be processed until after all those that were received on time. A late application

  • could mean that your child misses out on a place at one of your preferred schools. To

  • save time you can now apply online. Typically over 80% of applications are made on the online

  • system.

  • Online applicants will receive there offer via email on the morning of offer day, so

  • there is no need to wait for the post to be delivered but we still send out offer letters

  • to all applicants whether you have applied by phone, post or online

School admission service processes around 12,000 applications a year. This could be


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