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Welcome to Hipfig 's Video Guide Series
on Hong Kong. In this video we'll be
showing you the buses in Hong Kong. We'll
tell you how to use a bus to get around
the Kowloon and Hong Kong Island side
Buses in Hong Kong are an easy method of
getting around town. They're easy,
frequent, inexpensive, comfortable most
are air-conditioned, and they go
everywhere in Hong Kong. Many are double deckers
double deckers which are fun and offer views of
the city from the top deck. In Hong Kong
Private companies run public bus service
There are 5 major bus companies: the
Kowloon Motor Bus company or KMB,
City bus, New World First bus company,
Long Win bus corporation, and the New Lantao
bus corporation. The Kowloon Motor bus
company or KMB provides service mainly
in Kowloon and the New Territories. They
have a few routes operating cross harbour
to the Hong Kong Island side. KMB has
over 400 routes in Hong Kong. City Bus
operates mainly on the Hong Kong Island
side. Bus number 15 goes to Victoria Peak
from Central. You can pay for buses using
exact change or an Octopus card. New
World First bus company provides bus
service mainly on the Hong Kong Island
side and also has routes in Kowloon and
the New Territories. Destinations and bus
numbers are displayed in English and
Chinese on the front of each bus. Bus
stops clearly display the bus numbers,
and route maps encased in a plastic box.
Once at your bus stop, wait in line.
On buses, you enter from the front entrance
Pay with exact change or tap your
Octopus card if you have one. Prices are
displayed on the fare box. If you're
going a short distance make sure to ride
a bus
that ends at your destination or nearby
Otherwise you'll end up paying more
because the fares are based on the end
destination. The majority of bus route
fares are based on where you board and
the final destination of the bus route
and not where you get off. Look for your
stop on the screen in the bus. To exit
your bus, make sure to press the red
button to tell the bus driver to stop
before your destination. Exit from the
back. Bus rides themselves can be an
experience especially on the top deck in
the front row of a double-decker bus
coming from places like Stanley or the
Victoria Peak. In Hong Kong there are also Mini- Buses
Mini-buses also known as Public Light buses
Mini buses are small buses run by
independent operators. Usually they have
a capacity of up to 16 passengers and
no standing passengers are allowed
There are two types of mini buses: green
and red top. The green colored top mini
buses run a fixed route at fixed prices
You can pay by exact change or Octopus
card. Red colored mini buses don't have
fixed routes, schedules, or fares. They
act more like shared taxis. You can pay by
exact change. Only a few accept Octopus
cards. A convenient option for tourists
are the hop on hop off buses run by Big
Bus. Big Bus operates three routes in the
Hong Kong area. You will also see Panda
buses on the Kowloon side which are for
tourists from Japan and must be
purchased in Japan before arrival
Happy Travels
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香港巴士服務指南 (Hong Kong | Bus Services - Getting Around | Travel Guide | Episode# 3)

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