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hello Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's
question is how do I pronounce the word pass which means to move beyond
something and pause which means a slight stop let's take a look at our words so
we have the word pass PA SS and pause P A u s e and I'm going to throw in a bonus
word paws to be like a dog foot because pause and paws are pronounced exactly
the same way I love that so let's start with the word pass so for all of these
words we're going to start with a P sound P just open your lips and let the air
puff out your voice box is not on for pass we are going to have that ah sound
that very American ah sound think about round lips and that's going to get the
tip of your tongue low in your mouth and the back of your tongue pulled up and
your tongues a little bit kind of flatter here the vowel and paw is going
to be more of an oval open mouth that's going to make your tongue a little
narrower still tip of the tongue down and back of the tongue pulled up so
let's look at the difference here ah oh ah oh so we have Pa and paw so to end the word pass
we're going to make an S sound and to do that put the tip of your tongue behind
your top front teeth not touching and let the air keep moving out pass pass
pass pass pass now for pause and paws we're going to end with a Z sound which
is an S sound with the voice box on and vibrating and moving z what happens
when we have a voiced sound that ends a word I've
gotten a few questions about this lately is that the voice sound is actually
going to make the vowel before it sound a little teeny tiny bit longer so this
vowel might sound a little bit longer in pause that doesn't pass and that's
because of the voicing on that Z sound let's try both of these words pass pass
pass pause pause pause pass pause before you pass the car let's take a pause and
make sure that all paws are inside of the vehicle give it a try I know people
are going to notice a difference if you found this helpful
we would love a like and a share and a subscribe don't forget to check out our
products on Google Play and iTunes and at tarle speech thank you for everything and
we'll see you again soon


發音 (How to Pronounce PASS, PAUSE, PAWS - English Pronunciation Lesson)

125 分類 收藏
Caurora 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 28 日
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