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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 389. The title of today's lesson

  • is "The Difference Between Protest, Parade, and Rally." Okay. Now I know for students

  • that are Chinese that are learning English, they often have problems with

  • the difference between protest and parade. You know, to a Westerner this

  • actually seems strange because a protest in a parade seem as different as night

  • and day. They seem very different. So it's confusing to a Westerner why a Chinese

  • student might mix this up, but you know of course the Chinese word is similar or

  • it's almost the same word for both of these words in Chinese. But still we're

  • also looking at rally and you know, there's , there's some crossover with some

  • of these. So let's let's take a look at the note here. A protest is usually an

  • organized meeting in which people very strongly disagree with a law, policy etc.

  • Yeah. So during protests there's very strong emotions. People are usually angry.

  • They are probably yelling things. The chances of violence breaking out is

  • is much higher during a protest. You know, it could be a very serious protest.

  • Sometimes people might even throw things. Of course , you could have a peaceful

  • protest too, but there are some violent ones that do get out of hand. And like I

  • say the the emotions are strong. All right. Now a parade of course is completely different.

  • A parade is always a public celebration. This is a happy event or it should be ... by

  • a large group of people. The main point is to entertain people with dancers,

  • floats, large balloons, bands playing music, etc. The celebration may be for a

  • holiday or in honor of an event. Lke in New York City every year they have one

  • for Saint Patrick's Day, because there's a lot of you know ethnic Irish people

  • there. So they have one for that. We have one for Thanksgiving too. There's a very

  • famous Thanksgiving Day parade, the famous store Macy's always was the

  • one that sponsored that. It always goes by their store so this is always for you

  • know, to entertain people or you could have it for an event. A lot of times in

  • the US, if a baseball team wins the World Series

  • maybe that city will throw a parade for them. That could be that. I believe like

  • when the men men landed on the moon I think they had a parade for that. So any,

  • anything sort of like that is usually a parade. Yeah.

  • again it's meant to be a happy event. Okay . Now let's look at rally. A rally is

  • an organized gathering of people often in support of someone or something. So

  • support is kind of a key word here. Or being against it. So this is where it

  • could be a little tricky because some rallies could be a little bit like a

  • protest too. Rallies tend to be more positive and are especially used to

  • gather more support for a political candidate. Yeah. So every year during

  • election time when the candidate goes out to give his speeches and you know, he

  • has some supporters around holding signs and you know, cheering every time he says

  • something. And acting like how great he is. You know or booing at the right time. (especially against an opponent)

  • You know this is usually called a rally. So they have a lot of rallies too,

  • especially to gain support. So support like I say support is kind of the key word.

  • Even when it's protesting something , it's more like a protest about awareness. I

  • don't know if the people are quite that angry yet. Sometimes we call it a rally.

  • But anyway, a lot of people would go out, there are going out to show their support to

  • be against something. So it has more of that feeling.

  • All right. Let's, let's continue here. All right let's look at some examples where

  • a student might mess up. So a student might say, I went to the protest to see floats

  • and dancers. No. Of course not. But floats and dances would be at a parade. So you

  • should say I went to the parade to see floats and dancers.

  • Yeah. I even remember the first time I encountered this. It was ... you know, I've

  • been a teacher for a long time , but it was you know, well before I was married.

  • When I was with my wife when she was a girlfriend. There was somebody that was

  • you know, we wanted to go someplace in the city and they were saying oh no

  • there's there's going to be a parade today. And I'm like great. I don't

  • know is it good ? Do you want to go ? And they're like looking at me why do you

  • want to go ? Why do you want to go to that ? When really they meant protest. All right.

  • So that's where it came up. That's why it was confusing. Or here's another

  • example. I was afraid to go to the parade because I thought violence could break

  • out. No. Obviously this one should be I was afraid to go to the protest because

  • I thought violence could break out. All right. And we have a few examples here

  • for rally too. That political candidate held a rally for his candidacy. You know,

  • So he's running now and you know, he's trying to gain more support. Go round.

  • Talk to more people. Or this one here. They held a rally to protest nuclear

  • power. All right. That could be one where you're using rally but it's really more

  • as a protest or it's against something. It probably be the you know the start of it.

  • You know , to especially more like raising awareness. I don't know if the tensions

  • are quite so high yet. When we call it a rally. Well by the time you're calling it

  • a protest. You know that's, that's when it's gotten more serious. Maybe they need

  • more police there to make sure it doesn't get out of hand or out of

  • control. Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your

  • time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 389. The title of today's lesson


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