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  • -Only way to take a nation to war

  • is with the informed consent of the American people.

  • The informed consent of the American people.

  • -President Trump has made it much harder

  • for the next president to achieve that goal.

  • By gutting the Iran nuclear deal,

  • one that, by the way,

  • the Trump administration itself admitted was working,

  • certified that it was preventing progress toward a nuclear Iran.

  • -My issue is that because of the actions of Donald Trump,

  • we are in a situation where they are now starting --

  • Iran is starting to enrich uranium again,

  • in violation of the original agreement.

  • -Obviously, Mr. Trump has no strategy.

  • He is going from crisis to crisis,

  • from escalation to escalation.

  • -What we need to do is have an international coalition.

  • We cannot keep acting unilaterally.

  • As you know, the nuclear deal with Iran was worked on

  • with a number of our allies.

  • We have got to undo what Trump did,

  • bring that coalition together,

  • and make sure that Iran never gets a nuclear weapon.

  • -We have to think about cyber. We have to think about climate.

  • We also have to think about how we spend money.

  • We have a problem with a revolving door, in Washington,

  • between the defense industry

  • and the Department of Defense and the Pentagon.

  • That is corruption, pure and simple.

  • We need to block that revolving door

  • and we need to cut our defense budget.

  • We need to depend on all of our tools --

  • diplomatic, economic, working with our allies --

  • and not let the defense industry call the shots.

  • -Donald Trump is taking us pell-mell toward another war.

  • We have a very important resolution.

  • We just found out today that four Republicans are joining

  • Democrats to go to him and say,

  • "You must have an authorization of military force

  • if you're gonna go to war with Iran."

  • -And we're now isolated.

  • We're in a situation where our allies in Europe

  • are making a comparison between the United States

  • and Iran, saying,

  • "Both ought to stand down," making a moral equivalence.

  • We have lost our standing in the region.

  • We have lost the support of our allies.

  • The next president has to be able to pull those folks back

  • together, re-establish our alliances,

  • and insist that Iran go back into the agreement,

  • which I believe, with the pressure applied

  • as we put on before, we can get done.

  • -We are spending dramatically too much money on defense.

  • The money that we're spending there we could spend

  • in the other parts of the budget.

  • And it's time for someone from the outside

  • to have a strategic view

  • about what we're trying to do and how to do it.

  • -The next president is going to be confronted

  • with national-security challenges different in scope

  • and in kind from anything we've seen before.

  • Not just conventional military challenges,

  • not just stateless terrorism, but cybersecurity challenges,

  • climate security challenges,

  • foreign interference in our elections.

  • It's going to take a view to the future,

  • as well as the readiness

  • to learn from the lessons of the past.

  • And for me, those lessons of the past are personal.

-Only way to take a nation to war


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