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About six weeks from Easter you may start seeing things for Shrove Tuesday
or as Mardi Gras enthusiasts refer to it fat Tuesday.
or as its overprotective mother might refer to it,.. big boned Tuesday
now maybe there's a pancake breakfast or supper.
But what is that?
Shrove Tuesday.
and what do you
have to do with anything
well, besides [belly pat]
butter and syrup
it's all about Shrove Tuesday on this episode of
Chuck Knows Church [fun intro music]
Shrove Tuesday it is the day before Ash Wednesday last wednesday
which is the first day of Lent
which is forty days before Easter and twenty nine days before my birthday
well it's forty days before Easter
uh... if you don't count the Sundays because
because lent.. nevermind
we are talking about lent in another episode and we're talking about my birthday?
uh, never...
Thank you for that.
So, Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday or maybe you recognize pancake Tuesday, ahh, it's all
clicking now isn't it..
Now, the word Shrove
is the past tense of the verb
and we all know what that means don't we.
Yeah, didn't think so.
Shrive means to receive absolution
by confessing and doing penance
so Shrove Tuesday got its name from the shriving
that Christians were supposed to do immediately before lent. Lent being a
time to prepare for Easter
through prayer or repentance and most commonly perhaps
self-denial by giving up sweets
or fatty foods
or reality television
Now preparing for that self-denial meant limiting the good things that you might
find tempting
so traditionally for many
Shrove Tuesday became Fat Tuesday or even Pancake Tuesday
because making a pancake
is a way to use up all the rich food
like, eggs and milk and
sugar before fasting season of the forty days of lent. Now this is a particularly
effective practice
if you like jelly beans chocolate chip
leftover pie pancakes.
Which i do.
uh... of course at our church Shrove Tuesday always means
a pancake breakfast.
Someone has to eat them all right? Use up all the fat, and sugar, and
jelly beans.
Alright, to learn more you can ask your pastor
[laughing behind camera] [with a mouthful of pancakes] Tell them Chuck Sent ya.
[muffled] Oh, these are good
Can really taste the jelly beans
Oh, I left a little bit here..
[muffled] My compliments to the chef
[muffled] You want any?
[voice behind the camera] I'm not even going to say cut, just keep on going and going.
[muffled] This is what I want for my birthday. [voice behind camera] Just realized you don't have butter [laughing]
[voice behind the camera] uh... cut


15 | Shrove Tuesday -- Chuck Knows Church

15 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 26 日
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