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Hi, I'm Richard from TurboTax with tips for charitable deductions.
One, in order for your charitable donations to qualify for a deduction, your donation
must be to an organization qualified under Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.
You can check if the organization is exempt using the Exempt Organizations Select Check
Tool on IRS.gov.
Most donations to places of worship, international relief organizations and war veterans groups
are deductible.
Cash, property, stock and even clothing and household items can be written off.
Two, make sure you have a canceled check, a bank record or a receipt from the charity
as donations of any amount require documentation.
If you donated by phone, you can use your phone bill as proof, if it lists the name
of the charity, the date and the donation amount.
If your donation was for $250 or more then you will need an acknowledgement letter from
the organization.
Three, know what doesn't qualify for a tax break.
Donations to civic leagues, clubs, chambers of commerce, homeowners' associations, political
campaigns and lobbying groups, and most foreign organizations aren't eligible.
If you don't know if a donation qualifies, call the charity or visit IRS.gov.
For more information about this and other tax topics visit TurboTax.com.


IRS Rules For Charitable Giving - TurboTax Tax Tip Video

25 分類 收藏
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