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welcome back to Protein Treats I'm Melanie Wildman and today we are making
yummy pancakes from our new cook book this is our more than smoothies cookbook
and has tons of really yummy recipes in it everything from bread chili pancakes
cookies let me see there's even ice cream and
there's chips so all sorts of really yummy stuff in here if you want to know
a little bit more we're gonna put a link in the description below but today we
are making pancakes high in protein high in fiber and most
importantly super super yummy here we go these are the pancakes that we're making
today and they're super easy to make just a few ingredients so let's get
started okay so I have the best hack for making these pancakes so easy and fast I
do this in the mornings for our kids when we're running out the door and it
takes I swear five minutes to put this
together so my secret is my Vitamix so I'm using a blender instead of whipping
it up in a bowl so all you're gonna need to make these is one teaspoon of baking
soda one teaspoon of baking powder and you're going to need 1/3 of a cup of
coconut flour that I have here and then I also have a quarter cup of coconut oil
that I've let warm and then kind of down to room temperature there so it's liquid
and I have four whole eggs and I have 1 cup of coconut milk now you could use an
almond milk or you could use even a soy milk but you want to make sure that it
has no added sugar and then I have 3 scoops of our yummy vanilla Nutralean and
these pancakes are to die for they are so good so let's throw everything in our
blender I'm going to show you how quick and easy this is and of course if you do
want to check it out you can always get our cookbook so you have all sorts of
really yummy healthy recipes that you can make any time you want all right so
I'm gonna start with our coconut oil here and I learned something really
interesting over the over the weekend that elephants baby elephants it took
them a couple of years to try and find a milk for these orphan baby elephants and
nothing was working for them you know what they actually used coconut
milk and coconut milk and made the baby elephants healthy again so there you go
it's good for elephants it's good for humans so go ahead and put in our
coconut milk and then all I'm gonna do is throw our dry ingredients in all at
once that's what's so great about using a blender throw away my eggs there we go
and then our three scoops of vanilla Nutralean and the reason why the
pancakes turn out so good with vanilla Nutralean is because not only do we
have a hundred percent whey protein but we also have 10 grams of prebiotic fiber
from the chicory root and that's what gives it's such a great taste and it's
what makes it bake so well but it's also what makes you feel so full and I don't
know if you guys know this but prebiotic fiber is really important for your gut
health that's what helps you burn more fat it actually helps your body not
store fat so when you eat food your body uses it as fuel instead of holding on to
it and gaining weight and that's really what we want so now that we have all
ingredients in the blender I'm gonna go ahead and put my lid on and work some
magic here
and there we go just like that two seconds you've got your pancake
batter ready to go just and it smells so good you guys the reason why our vanilla
smells so amazing is because we use real vanilla in it and boy it just smells so
yummy in here so one way to check and see if your pan is hot enough is just to
put a couple of drops of water in it and if it sizzles then you know it's at the
right temperature there we go we got a little bit of a sizzle so I think we're
good to go and what I love about doing the pancakes
in my blender is it makes cleanup so easy and so fast plus it's easy to pour your
pancakes right into the pan so let's go ahead and make some pancakes and then
just like traditional pancakes that use all the unhealthy ingredients these cook
up exactly the same so you're gonna want to watch for the little bubbles to come
up on the top and once the top looks a little bit set around the edges and you
have bubbles across it you're ready to flip so I'm just gonna flip our last
pancake here and we're gonna give it a taste test and see how it turned out
make sure you stick around because all of you guys have been sending amazing
pictures of the yummy stuff that you've been making with our recipes and we're
gonna show some of the really cool stuff that you guys have come up with so stick
around to the end let's flip over our last pancake all right here we go look
at this perfect pancakes every time these are so light and so fluffy you
would never believe in a million years that they weren't made with really bad
for you white flour but instead coconut flour and our amazing Nutralean I
don't even need to put syrup um but if you want to you can find sugar-free
syrup almost anywhere let's taste test this you see how fluffy it is you guys
Oh hot mmm hot but so yummy mmm
here's our fluffy blue starlight these are still so hot hmm but they are so
good our kids love them they're perfect you can throw blueberries in you could
even add cinnamon almost anything that you want to make these super yummy every
morning b ut have no worries these are super yummy make sure you subscribe I'd
love to hear what you want me to make for you guys next time and try these
pancakes out you're gonna love them they are the best pancakes you'll ever have
trust me all right I will see you guys back here next Friday thanks guys


Pancakes Recipe (Sugar-Free & High Protein)

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