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  • I want to take a minute and just speak directly to ETF Oh members in this

  • province all 83,000 of you teachers occasional teachers designated early

  • childhood educators our educational support professionals and our

  • professional support personnel you're amazing you do a fantastic phenomenal

  • job day in and day out across this province in classrooms and work sites on

  • behalf of your students and students in this province you need to hold your head

  • high no matter what you hear from today forward based on everything that's

  • happening just know that you are the heart and soul of publicly funded

  • education in this province we have a world-renowned world-class publicly

  • funded education system in Ontario why because of you each and every one of you

  • we continue to be focused and we'll do everything we can at the central

  • bargaining table to get an agreement that's fair and reasonable for students

  • in this province and you are members if we don't see that fair and reasonable

  • agreement materialized if we don't see the supports and the investments that we

  • need that my friends we have to do whatever it takes to ensure that that

  • happens at that central bargaining table

I want to take a minute and just speak directly to ETF Oh members in this


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給ETFO成員的留言--2019年11月22日 (A message for ETFO members - Nov 22, 2019)

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