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  • Everybody knows about words with the "i" sound like fish

  • and like ship.

  • Let's kick it up a bit, combine these words with other

  • words, yes.

  • Let me tell you a story now.

  • There once was a catfish that lived in a fishbowl with some

  • other fish, a goldfish and a starfish by the name of Larry.

  • And crazy Larry, he would always hang out by this

  • shipwreck in the colorful rocks that were at the bottom

  • of the fishbowl, yes.

  • And inside of this shipwreck was a treasure chest.

  • And every time starfish opened it, it would reveal a whole

  • bunch of friendship, a magical power that held

  • all the fish together.

  • Together forever, yeah.

  • Short I.



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B1 中級

短'i'--音樂人(電氣公司)。 (Short 'i' - Music Man (The Electric Company))

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