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  • If you are using word document and wanted to insert date and time into your document,

  • there are plenty of options like this one. We can even customize them to any format we

  • want. But if you use Google Docs to write and maintain your documents you might have

  • noticed that there is no way to simply insert current date and time in to the document like

  • how we did in Word document. Although, it's shocking to know Google hasn't yet made that

  • feature available, to circumvent this problem for now, we can make use of code snippets

  • to do that job for us. These are tiny macros, that can helps us with immediate solutions.

  • No don't worry about writing any code, it is pretty simple and you too can get it to

  • work after you finish watching this video. Go to Google document, click on Tools and

  • click on Script editor. A new script project opens up. Simply clear out all the existing

  • code in it. Let me select all and delete it now.

  • Now goto this code snippet, copy and paste it into this code editor. Save the code and

  • now refresh to reload your Google document. While refreshing, you'll see that the code

  • window auto-closes out. You can now see that there is a new menu item

  • added which will have a link to inserting date. That's it !! but now again if you want

  • further customize your date format, you need to have a basic understanding of what this

  • code does. Basically, the first section creates a new menu within this current Google docs

  • file called 'Utilities' and adds a menu item called 'Insert date'. And then the second

  • part of this code inserts the date at your current cursor position in the Google docs

  • file in bold format. And here's where you can rearrange the date

  • formats or change it to suit your needs. And for possible date formats, you can just check

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If you are using word document and wanted to insert date and time into your document,


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如何在Google文檔中插入日期/時間/長日期? (How to Insert Date / Time / Long Date into Google Docs)

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