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  • -Nick and Priyanka, good to see you both. -Good to see you.

  • -I love seeing the smiles on your faces. -I´m good.

  • -Well, great. New Year´s Eve, you were in Miami. -Thank you for the nice text.

  • -Yes, of course. -It was very sweet.

  • -Congratulations. -Happy New Year.

  • -The Jonas Brothers were on tour. And they performed on New Year´s Eve.

  • So, a great way to celebrate an incredible 2019.

  • And I also saw a new addition to the family there.

  • -Yeah. -Okay, tell me about the new puppy.

  • -He´s the best.

  • She surprised me on our anniversary.

  • with a new German shepherd, named Gino.

  • -And how did you decide on a German shepherd.

  • Gino, we´ll get to in a second. But the German shepherd?

  • -Well, Nick suggested that he wanted, you know, a big pup.

  • I have a little pup called Diana,

  • and I don´t think she was enough for him.

  • But he kept saying that we also need a German shepherd.

  • And he kind of dropped it a little bit, so I just got the dog.

  • -Look this is the "morning cuddle puddle with daddy," right there.

  • -Naturally, yeah. That can be exciting. -So cute.

  • -It´s so cute. But is it the dog -- or the dogs --

  • they travel with you? -We thought about bringing them tonight, but they said no.

  • -They said no? -They didn´t get an invite.

  • -Nick, when does your work on "The Voice" begin?

  • -I start again tomorrow. We´ve already shot some.

  • -You´ve started. -Butve got the mentor sessions,

  • andve picked a great mentor for my team.

  • -Good. -I don´t want to give any secrets away,

  • but we shoot that tomorrow and then a few more days this month,

  • and then we´re off to Europe for the next leg of the Happiness Begins Tour.

  • -So much great stuff happening for both of you. Who smell-- Is it cologne or perfume?

  • Something smells amazing. -The combo.

  • -It´s the combo. The combo is good. Yeah, they work well together.

  • Good to see you both. Have fun tonight. Good luck up there.

-Nick and Priyanka, good to see you both. -Good to see you.


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普里揚卡-喬普拉談給老公尼克-喬納斯的一週年禮物|E!紅毯和頒獎典禮 (Priyanka Chopra Talks First Anniversary Gift to Hubby Nick Jonas | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows)

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